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Theodore out with Injury

  • Jose Theodore has been playing with a groin injury since the Tampa Bay game on November 8th. Theodore did not start last game against the Panthers and won’t start tommorow in New Jersey. Theo has been under fire for a slow start this season despite having 10 victories.

    It’s too early to say how serious this is but should Theo miss 2-3 games Yann Danis is ready to go and Cristobal Huet appears healthy as well. Theo haters got their wish, we’ll see how it pans out.

    Jan Bulis will make his return Friday but Radek Bonk is still not ready to go.

  1. The allusion in this write-up to “Theo-haters” has me completely baffled. Sure, he hasn’t put up Hart/Vezina Trophy numbers but who in the league has? I just don’t see the logic behind the arguments against him, we haven’t had a number one caliber tender like him since we traded Roy. In addition, is there a clear-cut replacement for Theodore? Pretty much every team in the league would die to have a guy like Theodore and yet there’s people who would rather have Danis as our starter. He may be solid, but I haven’t seen him start over 70 games in a year in the NHL. Basically I’m hoping someone could enlighten me as to why I should support a move to replace Jose Theodore as the starting goaltender for the greatest team in the Universe.

  2. I hope you get some answers. I am not a Theo hater myself, but just reporting about all the negative Theo talk that has been in the messages lately. Remember this is Montreal, if theo was 19-0 with 10 shut outs there would still be complaints.

  3. I’m not a hater yet, but I have been critical as Theo is not the same man as he was when he wasn’t giving up any bad goals. A lot of us realize he’ll give up one bad goal per game. If only every game could be a playoff game against the Bruins, as Theo has their number.

    Perhaps Theo will come back stronger after he heals.

    I wouldn’t make Danis the starter as that would be cruel to the kid.

    After seeing Luongo play these past couple of games, I don’t know if the Habs defense would be able to handle the amount of rebounds he gives up. Perhaps it’s best to love Theo for who he is, and give Danis and Price the time they need to take over.

    However, if the Panthers keep losing, perhaps Keenan will make an offer Gainey can’t refuse. You know Mike is going to lose his composure sometime; though tonight his anger should only be towards that Panther who took some stupid penalties vs the Sens.

  4. #4 Massimo says:
    December 3, 2005 at 6:42 pm

    jose theodore. is amazing i dnt understand people that hate him . they can all go fk themselves:)

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