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Time for a change?

  • Is it time to panic?

    The Canadiens are slowly steadily erasing their great start to the season piling on loss after loss to teams below them in the standings.

    If this continues (and it appears to have no end in sight), the only possible outcome is the Canadiens dropping rank night after night until they find themselves out of the playoff picture.

    The Penguins and Senators both passed the Canadiens last night. Granted, the numbers are very tight but the Canadiens were once WELL above both of these teams. Firmly planted in the upper echelon of the East. Remember the talk of challenging the Sabres? What happend?

    The other disturbing trend is that it doesn’t seem to bother them. They are almost content to lose. There’s no passion, no effort, no guts. No guts no glory.

    The Senators came out like a team who wanted the two points, who wanted the playoff spot. The Canadiens? They didn’t come out at all. Take away a lucky penalty shot and it’s a 4-0 beating.

    Cristobal Huet looks exhausted. He is definitely not the goalie he was in the first half of the season. It shouldn’t come as that big of a surprise considering he has never played this many games in this short period of time. The All Star week may have further hurt his endurance.

    He is not sharp and his focus is not there. Fatigue. The first goal of the game, given up by the Habs for the 7th straight game. A 40 foot slap shot, clearly seen, from Chris Phillips? Yes Chris Phillips with his career high 7th goal.

    This is a time where goalies save their teams and drive them into the post season. Not give up brutal goals early in the game to pad the career stats of an offensively inept blue liner.

    Did he even try on Spezza’s goal? He looked to be asleep in the crease.

    You can’t blame it all on him, and certainly a bad game here and there is to be expected. So who can you blame?

    Samsonov? Koivu? Kovalev? Ryder? Higgins?

    Gainey? Carbonneau?

    Everyone is looking to point the finger.

    Which Canadien is absolutely untouchable? Which Canadien HAS to go? Look down the roster and see if you see any star players, Hall of Famers or future Hall of Famers on this team. Then look at the standings and all the teams above the Canadiens. Do you see any stars? Any hall of Famers? How about Martin Brodeur in his 384th NHL season putting up the best numbers of his career.

    The Canadiens don’t have that. They haven’t in a very long time. There is something missing.

    Time is running out to shake up this team before they throw it all away. Can they do it? Will they?

    Saku Koivu – you can’t criticize the Captain now right? Wrong. Koivu has been virtually invisible. Where is the leadership? You’re not putting points up, you’re not leading and motivating. What ARE you doing?

    Michael Ryder – it’s a sad situation. The former Canadiens sniper, 30+ goal scorer looked to have a bright future. An untouchable for the Habs for many years. The thing with Ryder is he is a one dimensional player, a goal scorer and more specifically a power play scorer. If he isn’t scoring, what good is he? He doesn’t contribute to the team in any other way and he hasn’t scored. Is it time for him to go? For the best of both parties?

    Samsonov – do we need more analysis on this? I don’t think so.

    Kovalev – nothing’s new here.

    Souray – Yeah we love the offense, but try stopping a goal when you’re on the ice instead of being on for every single goal against.

    …..Now without listing every single player, who is expendable and who isn’t?

    The only two names that come to mind are Christopher Higgins and Andrei Markov.

    What do you think?

    More importantly, what does Gainey think and can he do anything about it?

  1. I’m starting to feel like I’m a fan of roadkill and then had my face put in it,oooooh this stinks bad.


  3. #3 stevejur says:
    February 11, 2007 at 12:19 am

    A serious facelift is needed.
    A fresh start from top to bottom.
    One of the goalies have to go and Halak has to be brought up.
    I love Koivu but change is change. There has to be a change with the captain.
    If Mike Modano can be changed so can Koivu. It’s helped Dallas.
    Sheldon Souray has my vote.
    SELL: Kovalev, Samsonv, Niinimma, Rivet, Huet or Aebischer.

    This team is finished anyways so change of direction is needed.
    The boat has sunk so swim for your lives.

  4. #4 heatedspezz says:
    February 11, 2007 at 1:43 am

    what is the meaning of the word ‘Habs’

  5. #5 habs phan says:
    February 11, 2007 at 4:37 am

    man, i give up!!! i hate cheering for a team that leaves me wondering if all the screws are on tight. we’re getting worked. plain and simple. **** it, i’m done, i really want my team to win games, after watching tonights embarrassment, i’m done. i won’t any longer live my life around habs games. wear jersey’s everytime they play (living in BC) trust me, it sucks already. everybody razzzzes me for being a habs fan. grew up out east and have it in my blood. i love the habs, but they are sinking like the titanic. i’m over it

  6. Y’know…even after an incredible string of shit performances and losses…

    Look at the standings and things could be reworked…29-22-6 and sixth in the conference…(unless I’ve read it wrong)…Not so bad, in fact 64 points. Granted they just blew away such a strong presence…that now we’re in the mud with the rest of the sisters. Only problem now is that they don’t have any confidence and don’t know how to win. This is going to get uglier and uglier.

    Still no changes! #%#$#?$$@…then again…bringing in Bertuzzi (at what cost) or some other jokers…will that help us…I say send some guys up in the press box (or study the joke of hockey games for the last 25 games…show them then the games of Nashville, Detroit, Buffalo & NJ) and see if they can decipher what it takes to win. Put a big emphasis with disciplined hockey and gut check time to play full 60 minutes playing as a team setting each other up etc….*&?* pathetic there’s no other explanation!!!

  7. Should we not be optimistic with the return of Begin? Strong physical presence on the ice. Might help with motivation.

  8. I could be way off base….but I believe these two losses to the Trojans has allowed the Habs to hit rock bottom. The only way to get back up is to work your way out of your slump; and I believe they worked hard last night but with out the results to show for their effort. Only time will tell but I believe this week the Habs will start to turn it around…and grab at least 4 or 5 points. Only good things can come from working hard; now is the time…no more excuses!

  9. #9 doggone R habs says:
    February 11, 2007 at 2:01 pm

    This team doesn’t know the meaning of the word” effort”! They are a disgrace and embarrassment to this city. From now on, I will be betting on the opposition, because they, at least, show up!
    Ninnimaa should never play another NHL game with us, and Kovalev should be read the riot act, and then traded. Every single player should be given a clinic on where to keep their stick, “FLAT ON THE ICE”! The penalties have destroyed us. They need to learn , once and for all, DISCIPLINE! Look at NJ: they have taken over 100 LESS PENALTIES THAN THE HABS! They understand discipline. Their defencemen do not find themselves out of position. Why is it so difficult for these misfits to show up, and play sound disciplined hockey?
    And the goaltending is simply AWFUL! Aebischer and Huet , both must be traded. We can bring up Danis and Halak. You can’t let in 2 soft goals and expect to win, and you can’t allow the 1st goal in 8 straight games, and expect to win.
    This is my way of venting my frustrations. If only the habs would read these comments, and know what the truth is, and how the fans feel. Maybe if they listened to us, they would learn how to be a better team!
    I think the CH on their chest stands for :Crappy hopeless team!
    If they fail to make the playoffs, they had better find a place to hide!

  10. man o man…rumors are absolutely rampant today…lmao

    samsonov, higgy,souray,aebisher,rivet,…..doan, forsberg, nagy, kaapanen,

    even one that sends souray, ryder and abby to tampa for lecavalier and a pick….lol

    starting to get old…..honestly I think BG is thinking more of selling than buying.Get some draft picks, clear some cap space and pick up a few from the bevy of free agents this summer ( if anyone will come…lol)

    the amazing Eklund (ugh) says forsberg decision will be made today….how does this guy have such a following?…has he ever predicted anything or have a source other than the bloggers on his site?

  11. Come on Hab Fans,let’s no go through the “I give up” mode ,when you know the Habs are a part of you!”like a bad fungus lately”.The FAT LADY isn’t at the door yet, so what do we do from here?My idea of aquring Big Bart is an example of what to do about trying to make the big show .”Bertuzzi’s won’t be playing this year and doughtfull about playoff’s.” Now I MAY BE A BIG ,DUMB,CONSTRUCTION WORKER,but it seems to me were still in the race for the cup,but not in a race to keep up on our rebuilding ,with youth,size and talent in order to keep up with teams like the Pens and Nashville etc.They are building dynasties and It’s for real,so we have to aswell.Have we been going in that direction ? :NO: Does it show?: HELL YA! We all no what has to happen at this point,so BOB pull the trigger.The budget for all N.H.L. teams is going up two 46 mil next year,so implament that now, or at least plan,plan ,plan!! Why can’t we get FORSBURG AND GAGNE for example in a big package trade” good for both teams and players”,or a three way deal? At this point,I say THE ONLEY PLAYERS NOT AVAILIBLE ARE:Souray,Markov,Plecs,lATENDRESSE,Higgins,Striet,Perezhogin,Komisarek, Lapierre,Begin and the up and coming BULLDOGS and Carey PRICE. And REMEMBER BOB ,YOU CAN MAKE THIS TEAM BIG, FAST AND HARD HITTING,just like you were!

  12. #12 Iceberg14 says:
    February 11, 2007 at 2:54 pm

    watched the game last night..same as usual but we did show some heart and fierceness but it wasn’t all game….carbo has fucked huet’s confidence…and now he is scrwed..huet was number…if he goes cold you keep playing him till he gets better..that’s what every single coach in the league did…they did it with fleury, raycroft, luongo, roloson kipper…and raycroft lets in 6 goals last night and he won’t lose his number #1 job….huet was the man and carbo blew it…for all he did for us the last 2 seasons he threw him in the garbage cause of a a week or 2 of average goaltending …our forwards suck..that’s our problem. and samsonov was our best fwd by far last night and couple have had 2-3 points if he had a little luck so who knows how he would have done this year if he got the kind of ice time he got last night..emery was great and we have no confidence…being benched, scratched or pulled for reasons that aren’t justified while watching your coach play the favourties will do that to your players…i.e huet, sammy, rivet

  13. Hey THM if I catch you throwing Youpie into the canal again, you better watch out buddy, you can’t be coming on here and crapping on us like that no matter who you are. This is for Habs man, your Sens used to be, that is all, they used to be, they got into the party before the party, but hey they didn’t even get to party, look at you and your hero Yashin. HAHAHAA!! and you lost the Ottawa football team how many times? Watching the 67s reminds me of watching cows fart, its sucks and stinks big time. Come to Montreal and help us throw your mascot into a real river…oh wait, we don’t do that in Montreal, we care about our team too much, most we might do is buy your stupid mascot a poutine…

  14. Bob Gainey’team.

    Bob your to blame for overpaying all these players,Theo,Samy,Kovalev,Koivu,the list goes on and on.Poor trades and signings. Gave away Hainsley for nothing.Trade for 2.500.000 player to sit in the stands. Here is a trade i think would help our team, To Florida Huet Ryder Perezhogin Souray and second round draft choice for Olly Jokinen and Bouwmeester and Belfour. Huet would bring us more than Abby.Belfour can push Abby this year and Halak next year.We can’t seem to sign Souray, so trade him.We are not going to win the cup this year anyways. Lines would be 1st Olli centre with Kovalev and Latendresse, second line Koivu with Higgins and Samy , 3rd Bonk with Johnson and Begin, 4th Plekanec with Lapierre and Kostitsyn, Then trade Rivet and Murry for a draft choice. What do you people think,

  15. You guys need to learn how to shot the puck and score,stop your bitching like a bunch of little kids,and do somthing about your playin skills.

  16. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE! Now Im not talking to all of you, but whats with the trade Huet comments! Huet is a great goalie, who has a very unique style of play. He butterfly’s across crease and relies on seeing the puck to be productive. The problem is our defence. They are always crowding in front of him and he cant see a thing, and I swear at least once a game it hits one of our defencemen and goes in. A perfect example of this was our 1-0 loss to the Florida Panthers. How did they score the one goal? It hit komi as he went to hit someone out front. What about our offence? You cant expect a goalie to stand on his head until you fell comfertable enough to score a goal. We havent scored the first goal in 9 games, I mean come on!!!!!! Huet is definatly not the problem, we need offence, and believe me if Huet went to a team with a good defence who doesn’t crowd the net, he would once again be the best golie in the league!

  17. #19 Dalley1 says:
    February 23, 2007 at 3:48 pm

    I think that Buck24 is on drugs or something.

  18. #20 angelo E says:
    February 23, 2007 at 11:52 pm


    keep sammy!


  19. Get serious. Time to face the facts. Who wants to come to Montreal? High personal income tax. High point of sale taxes. Media pressure. Extra pressure if you don’t speak French. Terrible state of the roads.
    Housing is no longer cheap.
    Nuff said

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