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Time to step up

  • So the Canadiens put forth another pathetic effort in Toronto on Saturday, losing to a injury riddled washup Leafs team.

    The once solidly positioned Canadiens who looked at one point to be maybe be able to challenge Buffalo, have faltered and been passed by Ottawa. Ottawa is peaking at the right time and the Canadiens are not.

    Tonight is another huge ‘4 point’ game. A loss to Otttawa tonight will widen that gap and might propel the Sens to a point the Habs can’t catch up to.

    The Canadiens are inconsistent. What is most troubling is when they lose they don’t contend. There is no effort, there is no losing in the last minute or battling and coming up just short. When the Canadiens go down a goal you know they are done for.

    If the Habs can’t string together wins consistently they are in danger or falling right out of the playoffs. A mere 11 points separate the Habs from 14th spot. Every team other than Philadelphia still has a realistic shot at a playoff spot.

    The Habs have 32 games remaining. If they can only win 16 of those that will give them 92 points and they’ll likely be in a tight battle for 7th-10th spot. A far cry from 4th which they held most of the year.

    When will the Canadiens ever have home ice advantage in the playoffs?

    Cristobal Huet looks tired. Playing a full season as a starting goalie might be taking it’s toll on him. If he isn’t at his peak the Canadiens and their mediocre offence and lackluster 5 on 5 play are going to have trouble winning their share of games.

    Is a blockbuster trade going to revitalize the team and send them surging into the playoffs? What happens over the next 10 games will give us a better idea if Bob Gainey will pull the trigger or not. If the right deal exists something could definitely happen. Considering all the baggage the Canadiens are carrying. In traditional Gainey style you won’t know what or who it is until it’s all said and done.

  1. Good win! A perfect third period.

    Spezza? Heatley? Alfredsson(clown)? Were they playing?

    Abby is underated goalie on this blog. Pleks is on fire. Hopefully he will not be involved in a deadline deal.

  2. Joshtm;


    You comments are difficult to comprehend. When you tune in to Habs games do you turn it off if the Hbas lose a faceoff? You seem like such a pessimist. IM glad I did not read your blogs when the Habs were a non playoff team especially since you are so negative when they sit in 4th place. Enjoy life buddy! Sexual frstrations?

  3. #3 Drive_4_25 says:
    January 30, 2007 at 9:31 am

    HEY HB

    You know what would be interesting would be if you could split-screen the comments between back to back games losing / winning!!! that would be quite the eye-opener

    Well there’s no surprise that they won…they played with heart and for a full 60 minutes!!!
    And finally the message got through to the defense to jump in and be more offensive!!
    Did anybody seem to notice that on RDS before the game they were interviewing Dandenaultayed an awesome game!) And he was on the verge of saying they were GOING to win..but then stopped himself and said it was going to be a big game!!

    Gotta love waking up with the team in the win column…


  4. #4 smiler2729 says:
    January 30, 2007 at 9:33 am

    This game is what they can call a “turning point” for the team, playing like they can… Hey where are the negative idiots of the board, joshtm? Habs 4 Ever?? I guess the team you love to hate has shut you all up, THANK GOD. I don’t want to hear from you incompetent morons anymore.
    Speed and work and great goaltending wins, consistency is the challenge here. Keep it up boys.
    Loved the Dryden ceremony, looking forward to the next two numbers to be retired leading up to the Habs’ 100th anniversary in ’09. Speculation? I say Larry Robinson’s 19 and either Gainey’s 23 or Patrick Roy’s 33… longshot for Jacques Lemaire’s 25. Got to beat Colorado to the punch by retiring Roy’s 33, just think other than the bullshit of the night vs. Detroit and the fallout which I blame totally on Mario Tremblay, if we didn’t have Patrick Roy, our last Cup win would be 1979! Almost as bad as the Laffs.

  5. #5 coutNY_HabsFan says:
    January 30, 2007 at 10:18 am

    This win was nice! The score should have looked a lot different than how it ended. We played with heart and came together as a unit. I would say it was Won on pure emotion!

    I think there were a few things to work on with passing the puck, but in the same breathe I am glad they took the puck to the Net. We need to find a balance of passing, shooting and stick handling. I noticed a lack of confidence transition with 3-on-2 or 2-on-1’s, in that, the point man was keeping the puck more often than not. Meaning they were not taking advantage of the odd man, which normally would get the goalie out of position forcing him to make lateral moves. If this is planned by design, the odd man should a least have a great rebound opportunities, but the odd man seemed to be ahead of the rush doing a fly-bye putting them out position either beyond the crease.

    Most of all it was a W on a divisional rival. They worked threw an early goal and prevailed with dominating play. The Senators have a back to back game with the Caps and I hope the unfavorable schedule takes a toll on their endurance so they can record another L to stay put in 5th.

    Lets keep the emotions high and pucks flying…Go Habs GO

  6. Seeing Dryden have his jersey retired: Tearful
    Montreal scoring three goals in under 3 mins : Joyful
    Abby showing his true colours : Relief
    No JOshtm posting for one day : Priceless

  7. Nah NAH NAH NAH
    Hey hey hey
    In your face Joshtm.

    Back in fourth!

  8. #8 Frank Doiron says:
    January 30, 2007 at 10:41 am

    First, this is the first time in a long time that they have put in 60 minutes of hard work. After the first goal I thought it was over. I am still concerned over the long haul that they do not have a consistent goal scorer. Would it make any difference if they got a superstar? Really! The coaching staff is quite committed to a defensive style of hockey. I just think that anyone who came to this team would be limited in being creative with the puck (5 on 5). The emphasis would still be defense. We do not need a watered down version of the New Jersey Devils. We need to go in a different direction.
    One of the comments that Dryden made was in naming players he said that they brought honor to the team. Because of the almighty dollar I do not think there is any loyalty or honor to be sqeezed from too many players these days. Last night contrasted the diference between the players back then and today. There was pride in wearing a Canadiens sweater. The team was built on quality. You cannot build teams like that anymore. As soon as there is a little success then everyone is demanding more money. Pittsburgh will not be able to keep their 3 stars for very long. So if you do have superstars you had better win the stanley cup sooner than later. Otherwise you have to go with defence. That is what Montreal is trying to do……..

  9. #9 smiler2729 says:
    January 30, 2007 at 10:50 am

    The more I think of it, I’d sure like to see Chris Chelios back here as a 6th-7th defenceman, kind of help in steadying the ranks back there, almost acting as another assistant coach. I know he thinks he can play another 2-3 years and he would probably come cheap and cost the same. Whaddaya say Bob, give Detroit a 6th Round pick or something, you can’t get enough depth back there.

  10. #10 coutNY_HabsFan says:
    January 30, 2007 at 11:51 am

    I would love to see him too, but As you similarly stated against my Ultimate Habs Trade smiler2729, NO WAY Detroit with their D-trap hockey stlye, would give up an intrical part of there foundation. Probably not as far fetched as me going after Jordan Staal, but I think unlikely. You are right, he is what the Habs are lacking when it comes to Defense; a strong, fundimentally solid, seasoned defenseman that kicks ass in front of the net and he does not get too many penalties because of his long standing in the league. I also would like to see him retire as a HAB!!!

  11. #11 doggone R habs says:
    January 30, 2007 at 1:48 pm

    Chelios is what now? 43, 44? are you guys kidding? old enough to be someone’s grandfather, and slow. We need a young speedy winger, not an old broken down player.
    he couldn’t wait to get out of Montreal, so why would he want to come back? He WILL retire a wing, as it should be! We need a team built on youth and desire, not a guy counting his pension checks. the habs need more scoring, as we are already too defensive minded, and boring. Gainey, please give us a shot in the arm with a bonafide scorer. Ryder and higgins are not the great players they were last year. there is no energy or scoring chances from them. even their shots go wide never not net. How come this team never shoots straight?
    we need to get more shots on net.we’re messing up too many 2 on 1’s and 3 on 2’s. They need to focus every shift of every game.
    The win was nice, but needs to continue. I hope Carbo won’t need to go on a tirade everyday in order for them to get the message.

  12. #12 dartmouth says:
    January 31, 2007 at 6:58 pm

    I agree, the problem is not Defence.
    sure there were times this year when the opposition scored on a 3 on 2 or on a powerplay, but that happens to every team in the nhl.
    most of the goals scored against the habs where from brutial turn overs in are own zone. forwards that cant finish a check or cant get the the pass off the boards. when your team leader in checks is also when of your smallest, and plays on 4 line and is injured. Its obvious to me that this void needs to be filled.
    THE HABS NEED SIZE any checking forward with offencive talent is the much needed upgrade. there are lots of rumors out there and its easy to get excited when you hear some names out there like Arrnot, Bertuz and Foresburg.

    I hope Management can come through. pull the trigger and get the right deal done. A first round Draft pick should be easy to let go of with depth the team has in Hamilton. other bait I beileve the habs have are as follows,


  13. #13 Badass15 says:
    February 1, 2007 at 12:11 am

    If the Canadiens trade Craig Rivet at the deadline it will be one of the biggest mistakes they will ever make.

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