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Todd Bertuzzi as a Montreal Canadien

  • The Trade that almost happened.

    Todd Bertuzzi had been the subject of trade rumors since the beginning of the season. As the trade deadline drew near, the Canadiens were rumored to be one of the teams interested in his services. The Canadiens lack a big, strong power forward type of player and Bertuzzi is that kind of player. Considering his past and Vancouver’s desperation at several positions, Bertuzzi might have come at a bargain price.

    Bertuzzi didn’t get traded but he was about as close as you can get. The Canadiens apparently made them an offer but it wasn’t attractive enough to send Bertuzzi over. The trade was to be announced the same time the Theodore news broke. Theodore gone, Bertuzzi in. A little better headline than Theodore gone, Aebischer a Hab.

    Canucks GM Dave Nonis admitted their were several offers for Bertuzzi but none that he felt were strong enough. Gainey said something like “the deal for that type of player wasn’t there.”

    The trade was to send underachieving forward Richard Zednik and an unnamed defenceman. Vancouver didn’t take it and you can’t really blame them. The unamed defenceman? Bob Gainey pre-acquired depth defenceman Todd Simpson to replace whomever it was that was to be dealt. If Vancouver took the deal before the last minute, Gainey and the Habs would have their replacement. It didn’t happen and no one knows when Todd Simpson will actually play.

    You have to wonder what defenceman was on the block? Someone of value but not a core player. Mike Komisarek comes to mind.

    Bertuzzi as a Canadien. That would definitely change the composition of the team up front. Would Bertuzzi be able to play here? Would Hab fans welcome him?

    Say what you will about Bertuzzi but if he could take Richard Zednik’s spot on the roster I think most fans would welcome the change. For now we will never know, but the new financial space the Canadiens have to work with might make it an interesting off season for the Habs.

  1. #1 kazmojo says:
    March 13, 2006 at 12:55 pm

    Count me as one Hab fan who would definitely not welcome Bertuzzi. I just can’t stand all the cheap shot artists in the NHL. Bertuzzi is one of them, even apart from the Steve Moore incident.

    Not getting Bertuzzi is yet another reason to like the Aebischer trade. He’s a great insurance policy against Huet getting hurt, and provides great positioning for some major pickups in the offseason — either by trade or free-agency given their cap room.

    Maybe Simpson was part of a plan to get Bertuzzi. Or maybe he was also insurance. Markov left midway through the Rangers game. Who knows if he’ll be available tonight. In any case, I’d rather see Simpson as their #7 than Streit.

  2. I second not welcoming Bertuzzi. Not only is he a cheap-shot artist, but he also holds grudges against all journalists who are “not on his side”.

    He’s no longer the same player before “the incident”, and if his head isn’t in the game for Vancouver, how the hell could it be in Montreal?

    If Gainey was offering Zednik and a non-core defenseman, then he wasn’t serious about getting Bert either. It would’ve cost at least Souray; who I could part with, but not for another player who has so many brain attacks.

    We’re a better team now, and if another defenseman or two, plus a face-off man can be acquired before or during next year, hooray!

  3. I think that we’ll see Bertuzzi go to either a small hockey market (Nashville, Phoenix, etc.) or somewhere he can get lost in the crowd in a huge sports market that isn’t predominantly hockey (Kings, Rangers).

    Montreal would have been bad for him. I don’t see it as a missed opportunity, it could have been a huge mistake.

  4. #4 Gumper says:
    March 13, 2006 at 2:00 pm

    Yea, i agree. It’s my feeling that potential Bertuzzi baggage would have seriously F’d-up the tenuous chemistry that exists on this team. Especially with Moore’s continued legal pursuits and the Journal de Montreal. Not until this is settled will Bert be free from the shackles and dogged stygma… then he can move on, moreover, teams might be a little more comfortable taking him on. As good an addition he may be, PR is still an issue for teams, especially US teams. Just for the record and IMO: What he did to Moore was bad luck, nothing more. He knocked the kid out, sure, but he broke his neck only when he hit the ice. What he did was wrong,.. there’s no doubt about that. But Moore’s continued whining for money speaks volumes to rampant litigiousness in the states. Makes me sick…

  5. Moore’s entitled to money since he can’t play now, and we’ll never know if he could’ve remained on a fourth or third line, and for how many years.

    It doesn’t make me sick at all. What makes me sick is the B.C. justice system which continued this whole fiasco. Don’t blame Moore. Blame Bertuzzi as he could end all of this by making a fair offer, but unlike the Bert on the ice, he can’t take a stand without his agent and/or lawyer.

  6. Morency, on Team 990, said he heard it was Souray plus Zednik. I’m glad Vancouver declined, then. If we’re going to pay a lot of money for one player to replace these two, then give it to Chara, Redden, or a couple players.

  7. #7 Jason Bateman says:
    July 18, 2006 at 5:31 pm

    Hope they get rid of Souray.
    He hates Montreal and bashes us every chance he gets.

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