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Todd Marchant won’t be a Canadien

  • A lot of bogus rumors floating around Montreal lately. The newest is that Todd Marchant who was waived by the Columbus Blue Jackets to make room for Sergei Fedorov – will become a Hab.

    Why? Just because a player’s last name can be pronounced in French doesn’t mean he is coming to the Montreal Canadiens. The Canadiens don’t need any players like Todd Marchant. Small, speedy – we have plenty. The biggest reason however? $2.47 Million for this year, next year, and then $2.66 Million for the 3rd. Who the hell negotiated this guys contract? Michael Ryder only makes 1 million! I think he is highly overpaid and I’m sure most GMs will think the same. I expect him to clear waivers and go to the minors. Someone can pick him up closer to the playoffs but it looks like Todd’s contract came back to haunt him.

  1. Agreed. I see no gain for the Habs in signing him.

  2. Well he cleared waivers. No one interested at that price, we’ll see if they can work out a trade.

  3. Hey Guys !!!!!!!! I’m in my 70s, and have watched a lot of hockey , also played a lot . Please put blame where it belongs. You must see that our habs are havin to many flat periods. Was just a Matter of time till this happened , so suck it up , they will be back .

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