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Training Camp Report

  • Habsblog contributor Mark D. reports live from the Montreal Canadiens training camp on Day 1.

    Last night after a couple of pints I decided I would visit the Habs training camp and see the team up close and personal. Up early with a little bit of a headache, I decided to make the trip to Pierrefonds’ Quatre Glaces.

    Practice was split into two rinks and I happened to walk into the one that had a couple of players I wanted to see: Kovalev, Souray, Dandenault.

    Rookies: Kostitsyn, Latendresse and Chipchura to name a few.

    Kostitsyn and Latendresse were very impressive. Kostitsyn’s wheels and Latendresse’s size and hands in particular.

    After a couple of drills the players left the ice. I moved over rinks and happend to get a great spot for the first 30 minute period that had whites vs reds. The play was a little sloppy at first, 15 mins into the period Kovalev broke loose and pulled a sweet deke on Rivet then made one of the sweetest moves roofing the puck over Theo’s shoulder.

    On a side note, I would like to say that the first person on the ice before the game started was Kovalev, a nice site to see.

    I didn’t get a good view of the second half because everyone piled into the other rink for the second 30 minute period. Only in Montreal is there a capacity crowd for a practice. Ribs potted a nice one just before he hit the ice and the crowd roared. Another quick one was potted and it was 3-0. Both of these goals were on the rookie Carey Price. He let in two but he was impressive. He’s a big boy and covers a lot of the net. He will definately be an asset to us in the near future.

    Overall great time, and I’m more excited than ever to see what this team can do this season!

    Habs Training Camp

  1. Watching and reading the French media one would thing that Latendresse is the next Bertuzzi (if he isn’t there already). Hopefully the media won’t overhype the youngster and will allow him the time to mature at an acceptable rate before they turn on him.

  2. Agrred. However, this might be a situation where the french media isn’t overblowing it. I know, hard to believe.

    I watched this guy today in the flesh and he definitely is a strong player. If not this year, it won’t be long before he cracks the lineup and make Bob Gainey and Trevor Timmins look like geniuses.

  3. I am a die-hard Canadiens fan,have been my whole life.When I was 4 years old I would idolize Beleveau,in high school Lafluer and I live and die with my Habs and still do.I am very concerned with the current team;as I strongly feel they lack in offence.In fact,the Habs haven’t had a top ten scorer in a while.I love Les Canadiens,but where is the scoring going to come from?I am very concerned,especially since we lost Souray.

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