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Trimming the Fat

  • The Canadiens made their expected cuts today with no major surprises.

    Several Hab prospects have been put on waivers, most notably Yann Danis and JP Cote who will either be claimed by another team or return to the minors.

    Other waived players include Jamie Rivers, Mathieu Biron, Andrew Archer, Jonathan Ferland, Corey Locke, Duncan Milroy and Cory Urquhart.

    The current roster:


    Jaroslav Halak
    Cristobal Huet
    Carey Price


    Francis Bouillon
    Patrice Brisebois
    Mathieu Dandenault
    Josh Gorges
    Roman Hamrlik
    Mike Komisarek
    Andrei Markov
    Ryan O’Byrne
    Mark Streit


    Steve Bégin
    Kyle Chipchura
    Mikhail Grabovski
    Christopher Higgins
    Saku Koivu
    Andrei Kostitsyn
    Tom Kostopoulos
    Alex Kovalev
    Maxim Lapierre
    Guillaume Latendresse
    Garth Murray
    Tomas Plekanec
    Michael Ryder
    Bryan Smolinski

  1. exactly what I expected. And for sleepers and breakouts. I have a fealing that Kovalev,Higgins,Latendresse, and Markov will get at least 50 pts!

  2. I think that someone might snag Danis

  3. #3 Rubberman says:
    September 24, 2007 at 10:00 pm

    It feels like Gainey/Carbo play too conservatively. Bottom line: the Habs didn’t get the job done last year. It’s time for new blood. If you have an extra goalie and you have no place for him, trade him as part of a package for someone who can help the team.

    Logically speaking, Ryder won’t sign with the Habs next summer. I have no inside info but after getting shorted the last 2 times during contract talks, you gotta to expect him to test the free agent market.

    Carbo isn’t the right man for the job. He’s not willing to keep Price. What’s with that?????

    As fans, we know the Habs are in for a long ride. It’s time for new blood.



    Can’t anyone see that fact. Price is no Ken Dryden OR Patrick Roy. “YET”

    Price will get his shot maybe next year. If we put him in net now with the Habs crappy defence, he will be shell shocked that could ruin him. Let Price season a bit in Hamilton…………

  5. #5 Lafreniere says:
    September 25, 2007 at 9:40 am

    They should assign Garth Murray to the minors, and let him clear waivers. He’s taking a spot on the roster. As for Dandeneault, I’m afraid there is no room for him on this roster, and that Streit should play as a defencemen. I would love to see O’Byrne in the lineup, however there are no spots for him, he will be called up if there is an injury. I have a feeling they kept Price for now, because they are very close to trading Halak. I believe Halak and a defencemen will be traded very shortly, that is why Price is still at Camp. Lets hope we don’t lose Danis to waivers, we will need him as our #1 in Hamilton if Halak gets traded. And Danis will be good to have around if one of our goalies gets injured. If we can’t trade Dandeneault, I would put him on waivers, we have too many defencemen, especially if Streit is going to play D. Some team would pick up Dandeneault.

  6. A trade would be nice, and it seems like we have tremendous depth of averagness: with only a few exceptions, it seems the best players and the worst players are not really too far removed from each other.

  7. #7 jack hab says:
    September 25, 2007 at 12:32 pm

    Rightly said, Nilan. This team doesn’t have a star studded depth chart. That’s the case with most
    “.500 clubs”. (And I don’t mean FORTUNE 500.)
    On the upside, if this team plays, learns, and grows as a team and STAND UP FOR EACH OTHER,
    it could very well make the playoffs.
    I too am confused at seeing the likes of Murray, Dandy Frankie B. and Breezer in the lineup ahead of
    younger (and hungrier) talent, especially when that hunger may be the only separation. I’d love for the guys
    I just mentioned to prove me wrong, but I can’t help but doubt their abilities.
    Think, act and play as A TEAM and good things will happen.

  8. Trade Dandenault and Yann Danis for another good hockey player!
    The habs the way it is, aren’t making it. were all in for a long ride unless Higgins can get 120 as if! the best we’ll get is Kovalev with 60 pts. Put Kovalev on the 1st line. He sucked on the second last year. Ryder or Higgins can take care of their selves. Higgins would still get around 40 pts on the 2nd line.

  9. #9 Smiler2729 says:
    September 26, 2007 at 2:15 pm

    Why is Garth Murray even being considered for a spot on the big club when Kyle Chipchura is around? Probably because Marcel Hossa was Gainey traded to New York for Murray and he doesn’t want to look like he made a bad deal, well, so what, suck it up Bob, ya got fleeced on that one, let’s make lemonade with Garth and keep Chipper. I’m so tired of sports politics. Still love ya Bob!

    Lots of new faces this season on this blog as well, g’day to all, welcome.

  10. What a game winning goal for Souray tonite.Loosing him was a big Gainey fuck-up period.Are we lucky we get to talk about Garth Murray,or what?Let another roller coaster season begin as I shake my head.

  11. #11 PACTUM SERVA says:
    September 27, 2007 at 3:45 pm

    ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm did you happen to see the highlites to edmontons last game extrahabsfan? Yeah thats what i thought.Sometimes its just best to say nothing at all bud. lol

  12. Really, and well said Pacman….Souray was up to his Pilon best and cost the oilers their last game….I was howling with delight!~

  13. Oh for the good old days,the days of lafluer,shutt and robinson.These guys will be very lucky to finish at .500.WE need offence,we haven’t had a top 10 scorer in years.

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