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TSN: Are you kidding me?

  • In TSN’s NHL “power rankings”, where would you expect the Montreal Canadiens (sitting atop the Eastern Conference with Ottawa) to rank?

    #1? #2? Surely the top 5?. Top 10? WRONG.

    #16. Ya, sixteen. Who writes this garbage for TSN? The Toronto Sports Network has every team in the Northeast Division but the Leafs ranked ahead of the divisional leaders, the Habs. Not placing the Leafs above the Habs is shocking in itself.

    What kind of recognition is that for a conference leading team? Last I saw we beat Buffalo back to back, beat the Panthers and beat the Rangers. Curiously all of these teams outrank us. You can argue these results are a few days old, but I’d be shocked if we crack the Top 5 in the next updated version.

    Should we complain? I seriously doubt any NHL coaches are reading and formulating their gameplan from TSN’s power ranking, but if they are maybe we’re sneaking in under the radar. No TSN power rank, no need for visiting teams to worry right? We’ll sit quietly at 1st overall in the east and let the TSN power ranking camouflage our excellence.

    “If you would like to voice your opinion regarding the NHL Power Rankings please e-mail Scott Cullen at”

    Hockey Stick

  1. #1 habsfan says:
    November 7, 2005 at 9:27 am

    its bullshit thats what it is.the habs have more points then the sens.TSN ranked sens #1 then how come the habs came so close to beating them a few weeks ago?their is no question he is a senator.

  2. Power rankings compiled by media are interesting for discussion but in reality pointless. The ultimate power rankings will be established by the teams themselves over the course of the season.
    Having said that the TSN Power Rankings are mystifying to the point of bizarre. I mean, really–the Habs are right now the 16th best team in the NHL. I am a Habs fan but that makes no sense, whatsoever.
    Surely Power Rankings must take into account what is actually happening on the ice right now. They should be reality based–not just some kind of theory about which is team is better based on the preconceived perceptions of the writer.
    Anyhow TSN must be one of the few employers that allow staff to enjoy weed on the job. The writer was surely stoned.

  3. #3 Jacques Tremblay says:
    November 7, 2005 at 2:36 pm

    This week’s power rankings are still way off regarding the Habs, however, the worst is that last week, they ranked Toronto 6th while ranking the Habs 14th. How ridiculous!! At least this week they seem to aknowledge the fact that the Leafs suck, do I need to point out that they lost to WASHINGTON last night.

  4. I actually received a reply from TSN.
    The rankings have since been updated, The Canadiens are now ranked 8th.


    Criticizing week-old rankings is hardly fair. You might have disagreed with
    them last Monday too, but the numbers weren’t skewed so much at that point.

    Scott Cullen
    On-line Producer,

  5. #5 superfan says:
    November 7, 2005 at 8:48 pm

    Scott Cullen must be high on some kind of dope when he “crunched” all his numbers and compiled the rankings. I mean things in Tronna aren’t going well, losing to the Capitals isn’t going to bring the cup back to the polluted streets oh Tronna.

    Oh wait, let’s ask Harry Neale why the Leafs lost against the Caps? “Belfour was screened! The puck must of been deflected in the front!”.

    Scott Cullen and Harry Neale have one thing in common, can’t accept it when the Leafs lose. Just don’t take it out on the Montreal Canadiens.

    Habs > Leafs

  6. So I guess we should check Monday or Tuesday from now on. Neat that you got a reply in this day and age; sounds funny when we can all post so quickly, but the big guys have more problems in this regard.

  7. #7 habsfan says:
    November 8, 2005 at 9:33 am

    i thought tsn was a good tv channel but it turns out their traders.The rangers suckkkkkkkkkkkkk so why the frig did he put them ahead of him?

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