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Wayne Gretzky Head Coach

  • Wayne Greztky embarks down a new path as he is expected to announce his new job as head coach of the Phoenix Coyotes.

    The All time leading scorer and best hockey player of all time has been very hands on in the Canadian national program since retiring from the game.

    What issues does this raise? Are we to assume because he is who he is that he can translate what he’s done on the ice to what he can do behind the bench? Could this possibly tarnish The Great One’s legacy?

    Wayne is a winner, and probably the most passionate hockey fan there is, I expect him to do good things in Phoenix. What could be more motivating for a young player then having The Great One guiding you behind the bench?

    This will be another interesting development to watch in this new wild NHL season.

  1. #1 noitall says:
    August 22, 2005 at 5:35 pm

    Hmm.Wayne never guided the Rangers to glory,he is there to sell seats, and recoup some of his cash he has invested in this team,.. and upper management of the team probably decided it was time he started pulling his part of the sled ..enough sitting around looking busy its time to actually do something ,he won’t last long, look for a ‘want to spend more time with the family talk’..did you see the press conference of his coaching annoucement,it looked like he was constipated ,and the closet rest room was 70 miles away ..You had your day hook nose, now gracefully fade away, its the young guns time, and take Messier with you ..

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