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Who cares about Mats Sundin?

  • I don’t.

    With a little over one month until the Canadiens 100th season begins, it’s time to forget about the indecisive Swede and focus on the team and the season ahead.

    Over two months since the Free Agent signing period began and Sundin is not any closer now to making a decision then he was then. Is Sundin THAT big of an addition to carry on this ridiculous

    Who cares?

    Are the Canadiens not ready to compete with the current roster?

  1. Yeah I don’t Like Sundin, and think he he would of ruined the whole team and take out some of the better players just to put him in.

  2. #2 vzbcdy says:
    November 7, 2008 at 4:10 pm

    I am sick and tired of hearing about the Mats Sundin saga. He is a good player (of that, there is no doubt) but he has NOT won anything worth while (ie. A CUP). No one is ever above the game, and he now thinks he is. Either sign with a team or retire. Getting rather bored of all this hype over a “good” player. NOT GREAT, GOOD.

  3. Sundin is God

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