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Who needs Peter Forsberg anyway?

  • Yesterday Bob Gainey admitted to making a few calls over to Philadelphia to see what the price for Peter Forsberg was. Absolutely no response, no interest from King Peter and the Flyers.

    Another apparent dis to Montreal and Hab fans who want a big name trade before the deadline.

    The Habs got a bit of karmic revenge when Peter Forsberg fell flat on his ass in his attempt to tie the Canadiens winning shoot out goal.

    You could already hear him blaming it on his foot, his skate, his whatever, before he even got up off the ice. Even better was Tomas Plekanec used Peter’s own move in the shoot out to keep the Canadiens in it.

    Here’s an interesting stat, since Forsberg was dealt to the Preds he has 0 points, in that same span Garth Murray is tearing up the net with 2 clutch goals.

    Enough picking on Peter, as bad as his shoot out attempt was I don’t think I’ve seen a worse shot in the history of the shoot out than Alexander Perezhogin’s shot. I’m pretty sure even Aaron Downey could get a shot ON GOAL in a shootout.

    The good news is the Canadiens got 2 points on the road against a great team. Everyone expected the Habs to walk out with a loss but they overcame 2-0, 3-1, 4-2 and 5-4 leads on the road against one of the best teams in the west.

    If the Canadiens hadn’t taken 400 penalties and scored 2 goals in their own net it might not have even went that far.

    The Predators offense is potent no doubt, but for a team that has expectations of a deep playoff run their D looks suspect. After all, these are the Canadiens that they squandered 3 two goal leads too not the Red Wings.

    Jaro Halak seems to be gaining confidence with each game, 3-0 ain’t a bad start in the NHL and he’s looked pretty solid. How long can he keep it up?

    Out of nowhere it seems the Canadiens have won 3 straight games and are still hovering in that 5th-10th pack. Huge points for a team about to embark on a long road trip.

  1. #1 Kev_in_Dorval says:
    February 24, 2007 at 5:48 pm

    Leafs will rip us to shreds? I don’t think so. Will everyone just breathe … YOU CAN’T WIN THEM ALL!! Try to look at the team’s performance objectively and take out some positives. Halak was solid again and the only reason the final was 3-2 and not 6-2, some bad luck with the open net is the only reason they didn’t salvage at least a point on a day they were thoroughly outplayed (yes, it happens from time to time over 82 games). Everyone is going postal about the Habs when the reality is they’ll finish around the same spot as they did last year, regardless of what Gainey does between now and Tuesday.

  2. Halak did not have a bad game: for that one bad goal he let in, he made a number of excellent game-saving saves. The difference was the Islanders’ hustle and toughness, and the open nets missed by people like Perezhogin.
    I’m having a tough time with all the trade talk. It’s fun to bs with the guys, but the fact is that there’s very little that can be done in this new NHL. Sure, there’ll be a few blockbusters, but don’t think that suddenly other teams will want to trade for the Habs’ castoffs; BG can only fool some of the other managers some of the time.
    I would not at all be surprised (though slightly disappointed) if there were no deals by the Habs. We can’t seriously think we’ll win the Cup this year… not anymore anyway… so we must build for the future. That means no trading of young talent for old renta-players. The only thing is the Souray trade issue. Its because of Markov and the cap, but I think he might be (very sadly) gone after this year, so why not get something??? The obvious answer is that they MIGHT make it into the playoffs and then, well, who knows…
    Apart from that, the trade talk is BS. With salary increases next year, the Habs have very little room for manoeuvre, even with Ninimaa and Aebischer gone.
    Just my 2 cents…

  3. The bad move was before Christmas when Gainey destroyed a winning team. Plain and simple. Isn’t it interesting his favourite Rivet was out for most of the winning time? And when Rivet came back, it was poison? Honestly other teams reward their rookies but not Montreal.

  4. Oh teh leafs will tear the Habs to shreds. They will dominate the Habs like they have in all 5 games this year. If Halak plays incredible then the Habs have a ray of hope. Otherwise…

  5. #5 Higgy21 says:
    February 24, 2007 at 6:36 pm


    See JOshtm I know you are still very upset about Lapierre goign to Hamilton for two games, which we were 1-1 but he has no hand eye coordination. Decent 4th liner but his stickhandling is slow motion. HE was wide open IFO the net and decided to pass it to his own skates and the fumbled and bumbled and stumbled and bumbled somemore. ANd if Prez cant score on MA BErgeron he is completely useless to us. His shot in the SO was more inpressive then his shot on the open net.

    RIVET???? YOu should start reading my posts my friend, he is the first one on my list to leave MOntreal, well after Lapierre goes back to Hamilton that is to work on his stickhandling and offensive awareness.

  6. Our fourth line was bad today. I say package Milroy, Perezhogin and Laps to FLorida for Nathan Horton.

  7. #7 R habs 4 real says:
    February 24, 2007 at 7:31 pm

    Let’s dissect the game: Halak let in a soft goal ,on a very bad angle shot.
    Perehzogin couldn’t put the puck into a wide open net. Lapierre doesn’t understand the word”score”. I watched the comments from players after the game. Ryder said: ” we got away from our game plan”. Higgins said: ” we didn’t stay in their zone long enough, and as a result didn’t get enough scoring chances”. Got away from out game plan? What a lame excuse. It would really be refreshing if someone would say: “we didn’t show up for 2 periods. We were outplayed, outskated, and over powered”, But of course nobody wants to accept blame or accept responsibility.
    Perehzogin is useless, not a scorer, and missed the tying goal. He must go to Hamilton for good! No wonder he has been a healthy scratch so mant times. Oh, his goal the other night, was a fluke(lucky bounce). He probably closed his eyes before he shot the puck.

  8. We pay a bunch of old millionaires to win the games for us. Another example of old vets who let us down big time. Why blame the rookies?

  9. It’s finally come to fruition. Like Houle and Savard before him, Gainey is faced with two paths.

    Option a): he could do the smart thing, which is what the other two didn’t do, and rebuilt around big strong canadian kids which will have to start with Gainey being a major seller at the deadline, freeing up enough cap space by finding some sucker to take Kovalev and Samsonov, going out and getting a #1 centreman and trading up in the draft with an already hopefully high draft pick.


    Option b): Once again give in to public pressure from fans demanding to make the playoffs even if it’s 8th or 7th place and get swept by Buffalo or New Jersey, lose Souray to FA and get nothing back for him, go into next season with an aging roster filled with gutless Europeans with no significant changes because the fans refuse to accept a rebuilding phase. Then proceed to finish in 7th-12th place for the next 5 years once again.

    Those are your two choices Bob. I just pray that you don’t have to much faith in this team and you realise that you need to sell and weather the critism when the Habs are brutal down the stretch because the roster should, and hopefully will, be filled with young players from the trades you make and you re-tool for next year.

    For the long term future of this organization please pick option b). This team isn’t good enough to do anything but finish in 8th-10th place and get swept in the first round. I for one am sick of that. If you want a dominant team again like the Habs used to have then you have to rebuild.

    Trade Souray to San Jose for Pavelski/Bernier and Carle.

    If Pittsburgh really are interested in Rivet and want a veteran winger to play with Malkin then trade Rivet and Kovalev to Pittsburgh for Colby Armstrong and a first round pick. Kovalev and Rivet can become their headache and the Habs get a big young tough canadian kid whose going through a sophmore slump.

    Trade Samsonov to Chicago for a bag of pucks just to free up cap space.

    Re-sign Markov, Trade Bonk who surprisingly may have some value, and trade Aebischer.

    Finishing in 7th-10th isn’t good enough anymore. The Habs will need to be brutal for the rest of the year for that to be fixed starting next season. For the love of Maurice Richard’s ghost, re-build and be a seller.

  10. Joshtm ,once again your bang on man,and now all the late blooming critics of the Habs are direction confused as who to blame ,who to trade and what to do ,lol
    The Sens vs Sabres game just started and if all goes well ,they will cripple each other so badly it will make room for the teams below them !

  11. #11 Habs#1 says:
    February 24, 2007 at 8:29 pm

    If Bob Gainey doesn’t sell at the deadline and try and rebuild going into next year starting this weekend I will have lost all faith in his judgement.

    If he gives in to public pressure and go’s out and buys some inexpensive veteran who won’t contribute anything, keeps Souray, loses him to FA cause really he’s a lock not to come back, and this team once again finishes in 7th-10th place this year with no action like I outlined in post #109(i.e. get’s ride of Kovalev and Sammy, sells Rivet, Bonk, Abby and Souray) I will give up on him.

    If this happens you can count me among those(Xhabsfan, Joshtm, etc.) who have lost all faith in Gainey.

    Your on the clock Bob, please make the right decision.

    The only thing we will differ on is that I will still like Johnson. This veteran core can’t win jack all. It needs to go.

  12. Is there ever a difference between the Sens and the Habs ! The Sens ARE SO WELL ROUNDED and even though they haven’t won the big one YET, every year their FANS are treated to a potential and future cup winner,its makes me so f@cking jealous. Well, that being said ,I’ll creep back into my Habs gutter and count turds and their salaries and try and figure out witch comes first, a meteor smashing the earth to smithereens or Bob Gainey opening his eyes and putting a real Stanley cup plan together.

  13. #13 R habs 4 real says:
    February 24, 2007 at 9:09 pm

    I agree with Habs#1. It’s time for a change and new direction. This team has been regressing for years. we haven’t had a real contending team since the early 80’s. This sounds like a political statement, but:”it’s time for a change”. We truly aren’t going anywhere with this team. The writing is on the wall. Let’s hope Gainey reads it. I know Gainey doesn’t want to give up his young prospects, but he doesn’t have to, in order to rebuild. Just get rid of the older players( Kovalev, Samsonov, Rivet, Ninnimaa,Downey, Murray,Bonk), for prospects or draft picks, and start retooling. trade Souray for a top D man or Centerman. We’re all tired of the same scenario every year. we finish in 7th or 8th place, get eliminated in the 1st round. If we’re lucky enough(fluke), we make it to the 2nd round, but no further. Squeezing into the playoffs, is just not enough anymore. we want to be considered amongst the elite. The only way, is to surrender players, ones that won’t be in our future plans. I hope fans don’t get to excited if we somehow manage to slip into the playoffs. Our future is in Gainey’s hands. It’s now or never!

  14. #14 stevejur says:
    February 24, 2007 at 9:16 pm

    My friends “one bad goal” is what seperates the good from the great.
    That “one bad goal” might have cost us the playoffs.
    Good goalies cannot let those goals go in.

    Monday will be the nail in our coffin.

    Sell, Sell, Sell! Thanks God this dreaded season is almost over.

  15. #15 Joshtm says:
    February 24, 2007 at 9:21 pm

    Well supposedly Gainey is victim of evil forces, like the Quebec tax man, this is a provincial election going on, demand of your politicians to lay off the Habs. Second, civil rights should be curtailed, we should demand of Prime Minister Harper to take away the media, so the poor habs are not subject to intense scrutiny, finally the Habs should build an arena where there are no seats period and play in an empty building, supposedly once we take all these steps the habs will be successful, yes, blame it on the fans, the taxman and the media.

    But for now, trade Kovalev and Rivet for Forsberg. If we are gonna have an absent expensive prima donna sitting in the wings with a minor injury let it be Forsberg….Add Ninnima to the short list along with Samsonov. Once we get rid of this core, then the next level, Johnson, Downie and Murray, honestly what were we thinking to get this bunch?

    Supposedly because they have great moves, but one game outa what 56, we pay them millions of dollars to shine in one game? Honestly, that is just ridiculous, we might as well find more promising and fancy rental players, we could do better.

    But wait, I forgot, the great conspiracy to keep good hockey out of Montreal….

  16. #16 Guy#10 says:
    February 24, 2007 at 9:23 pm

    when was the last time we won in the afternoon???

  17. #17 Joshtm says:
    February 24, 2007 at 9:38 pm

    When we had the rookie team before Christmas.

    But something tells me, Gainey is gonna play cautiously. Kovalev has him by the short and curlies, a contract is a contract.

    Gainey doesn’t care that these bastards are playing like crap. What is his big stick? “Waivers” like that did any good for Murray or Samsonov.

    The reality is Gainey and Gauthier don’t care if we win or not. All they care about is their expense account and what ever scam they can scam outta Gillett.

  18. #18 R habs 4 real says:
    February 24, 2007 at 9:43 pm

    We haven’t won an afternoon game this whole season!
    And people who think Souray is a norris trophy candidate, should have their heads examined. The guy has around a minus 60 rating! please, stop and rationalize. In order to win the norris trophy, you have to be great defensively, and Souray is amongst the WORST defensively!
    Candidates like Pronger, Lindstrom, and Neidemeyer also have good shots, and are very capable of scoring, too. And I might add, they’re not DEFENSIVE LIABILITIES!

  19. #19 Joshtm says:
    February 24, 2007 at 9:55 pm

    Well, let me duck under the table for this one. If it takes having a great goalie to win, not that we have not so bad goalies, but hey, when those floaters destroy your team…if we have to trade Souray, let it be for a great goalie. Anyone know any good goalies out there? At this rate, Price is supposed to be hot like Halak was supposed to be hot, geeze we are headed for disaster, this is our plan?

    The rookies are good, granted, like we have had the world’s best goalie Ken Dryden start as a rookie and man he was hot, when he was anyway good.

    Mind you Dryden had Big Bird looking after him. What do our goalies have, a big “welcome Sign”. We don’t even protect our own goalie.

    If we had Laraques hey he would enforce ownership of the zone, none of this pathetic excuse for defense. It’s dirty but hey the Big Bird was not so dirty but hey he pushed, shoved and fought to keep the zone free in Montreal.

    Today you saw an example of how the other team can come into Montreals end and basically set up shop, take their leisurely well placed shots at Halak, heck even floaters

  20. But hey, you can lead a horse to water, but will Higgy drink beer if you lead Higgy, well yes he can, like that post you could tell he was drinking and blogging, oh the terror, oh the hangover eh Higgy?

    No matter if we were able to time travel and bring Dryden here from the past, it would be the same results. The other team would basically get away with murder, Dryden would be on his back, going away in a stretcher, another concussion victim. I am suprised none of our goalies are hurt, oh wait, we do have a hurt goalie, but I am suprised they still have their heads attached for all the protection they get from our horrible defense.

    You need a solid defense and a great goalie to get your foot in the door of the playoffs. Or you have to basically outscore the other team, then you would be the Canes…

    Unfortunately we are missing two the ingredients for a great cup contender. One: a solid defense. Two: a Great offense. We have the makings of great goalies, but what good is that if you can’t protect them?

  21. This was just put on Spectors trade rumors web site with Spectors take:


    LA PRESSE/FOURTH PERIOD: reports Montreal Canadiens defenceman and impending UFA Andrei Markov has made it known his first choice is to re-sign with the Canadiens. GM Bob Gainey won’t negotiate new contracts with his players during the season. “La Presse hints that Markov could get a new salary base of $4 million over a new long-term extension.”

    LA PRESSE: Mathias Brunet reports “Gainey is probably a buyer and would like to make the same kind of deal like the Jozef Balej for Kovalev swap.According to Mr.Brunet, Bob Gainey will probably not trade any youngsters like Chris Higgins, MikeKomisarek, Alexander Perezhogin, Andrei Kostitsyn,Carey Price, Andrei Kostitsyn, Ryder, Latendresse or David Fischer. But he adds that Kyle Chipchura or Duncan Milroy (who could not have been called from the minors only toreplace injured players but maybe to show him to other teams) are not untouchable. Also, Pierre Gauthier went to Denver to see another
    Wild’s game…”

    Spector’s Note: Hat tip to “Jocelyn D”. for the links and translations. Gainey does have several blue chip prospects he could move, but I’m not sure that’s a wise decison for a short term fix. Too often since the mid-1990s Habs fans have seen their team swing trades like that, only to see the former Canadiens prospects shine elsewhere. If Markov wants $4 million per, he’ll get it, and it’ll be well deserved as he’s one of the most under-rated defencemen in the game.

    It’s looking more and more like Markov is a lock to come back, which in my point of view is one of the few bright spots at the moment.

    However I hope the guy from La Presse is wrong about Gainey being a buyer. I’m not going to wright my reasons why again(post#’s 109 and 111), and Chipchura better not be available. He’s the future captain of this team and a Bob Gainey type player.

  22. Markov worth 4 million? HAHAAAHAHAA!!!!!! What a joke. Markov can’t defend the zone worth crap. Sure he is good the odd game but he is not worth 4 million! When we lack offensive punch and are full of half-ass defensemen who are just as shabby as Markov, there doesn’t seem to be an urgency to keep Markov.

    By the way Gauthier is probably having some type of affair in Denver or he is just traveling to use up his points. Chances are Gauthier is probably moonlighting his talent to Denver cause Gainey wouldn’t listen to any advice. If Gainey was offered Sidney Crosby over re-signing Markov, Gainey would take Markov. Gainey makes no sense, either financially, logically, or in making moves no sense there either. Look at bringing on Samsonov and Ninnima. Johnson has shown some teamwork and benefit but not worth what we paid him.

    Yet we have all the other options open, and yet Gainey looks in all the wrong places.

  23. #23 R habs 4 real says:
    February 24, 2007 at 11:43 pm

    Thrashers traded for Zhitnik. He will definitely help them. Their defence is really bad. Why couldn’t we get a D man like him? A few years ago he was an allstar. But it always seems that other teams land a good player, but we never do. I just hope Gainey does the right thing.

  24. Since when has Gainey ever done the right thing?????

  25. The problem is to many teams, not enough good defence men, that’s why they can ask for so much,so what to do about it? Keep Souray, Markov,Komisarik and Streit,AND GET SOME HUGE DEFENCIVE PROSPECTS,WHO LIKE TO HANSON BROTHER GUYS AGAINST THE BOARDS ALL GAME LONG,AND TAKE BACK OUR PUCK, CAUSE IT’S OUR PUCK !!!!

  26. You sound like some 1-800 support line, ya right, hit reset on the back of Bob Gainey’s head and trallah he’s fixed. Hey, buddy, we have some huge defensive prospects, we called them up, and hey we are going no where fast. No matter how good your prospects are if you have a: Streit, b: Markov not producing and allowing the team to be scored on, and add some crazy lazy forwards like Koivu, Kovalev, and supposed defense specialist like Johnson, Ninnima, you got yourself a highly paid unproductive team. Which everyone makes excuses for. Let me replay the ones we’ve heard up the ying yang. a) the media is too hard b)the fans are too demanding c)its the cap d)the agents are too demanding e)its a small world with very few hockey players f)the tax man g)the nhl conspiracy against MOntreal….and the list goes on and on, heck you even had Jack Todd use it’s Rivet’s flu, etc….

  27. Guess what Gainey signed all the friggen losers that we are all fighting each other about. We make even pathetic Johnson to be some great hockey player, or even little Koivu, and we make excuses for the veterans, we blame the rookies for the shabby work of the vets. The decent goalies we do end up being lucky to get are all but overwhelmed. This does not look like a $200 millin dollar hockey team folks! And they all have the nerve to wear the Habs jersey!

  28. #28 Habz4EveR says:
    February 25, 2007 at 12:57 am

    Hey maybe Gainey is under alot of pressure because the Habs have probably been the only team to never have to completely reconstruct the team to get a cup. Maybe he’s afraid of the reaction us fans and the Canadiens organization might not approve him shipping half the team away to start fresh.

    That’s just what I think tho…

    And don’t forget that Gainey has done some calls that weren’t even answered… just goes to show you that whether we have a good GM or not, ppl might not be interested in going to the “Great Hockey Town”…

  29. Mondays game against the Leafs you all remember I told you so about the size issues concerning the Habs , especially the D men . Now ,you can as a small team hit and body check your way back into the game ,but you end up exhausted, which makes you take lots of bad penalties, which depletes your will and spirit. Its like having a N.B.A. team that’s all six feet and under ,good luck with that, lol

  30. #30 Joshtm says:
    February 25, 2007 at 1:56 am

    Doesn’t Gainey remind of “mikey” in those “let mikey eat it ads”. Why do we even have Mikey running our hockey team? If Gainey makes call that weren’t even answered does’nt that kind of tell you he is not doing his job? Honestly.

    What a pathetic excuse. A winner finds ways to win. Not be a friggen bureacrat in charge of a hockey team! The “whether we have a good GM or no,” comment is just plain ignorant. A gm hires and sometimes fires people. Not give them raises after they threaten them with a waiver!

    Now I know we are pathetic from the ground up, fans, the media, the players, everyone reeks in Montreal then!

  31. #31 Kev_in_Dorval says:
    February 25, 2007 at 2:06 am

    Joshtm, what exactly do you have against Mike Johnson? For most of the season, he and Bonk have played against other teams top line and performed very well. Pencilled in on the 3rd line or killing penalties, neither were expected to carry the offense of this team but did some nights due to the problems on the top 2 lines. Both those guys are UFAs at season’s end but both might come back to Montreal at less money, and you feel the need to make this guy you’re whipping boy – God, no wonder we can’t get any UFAs to sign with us, we treat the players like crap even when they’re doing the job expected of them! And Markov is the best overall defenseman on the team, in spite of the odd blunder, he’s fast, reads the ice well and can make make that great breakout pass, 4 mil a season is fair market value.

  32. #32 Joshtm says:
    February 25, 2007 at 2:21 am

    That’s the issue I am making, thanks for illustrating in black and white for all to see. We say its okay to find the likes of Johnson and we pencil him in as a UFA and come trade time or whenever, just pick your time of year, Gainey handicaps himself. No breathing room. And what do we get in return. Johnson being knocked down on the boards by the wimpiest of players, Johnson falling on ice trying to do a move, Johnson passing the puck away on a rush, let me tell you Johnson has only proved himself in two games all season. 25 odd points for what? That is expensive crap to put up with.

    At this rate we will never be able to sign any decent player, we will always have to listen to “oh we treat players like crap”, hello, if they were crap no one wanted, and we were stupid enough to give them millions to play like crap, that is the price we pay, if they were crap before they came to Montreal, what do you think the odds are they will still be crap? Look at Ninnima for instance. Or Johnson? And the poster boy of Crappiness “Samsonov”. Kovalev was the poster boy of Great Crappiness in the late 90s. We have a great dynasty of crap now this past decade. And you say don’t complain that they are crap? HUH????

  33. #33 Habz4EveR says:
    February 25, 2007 at 2:34 am

    ok Josh the more I think of it, if you wanna look at things cold-heartedly, your right.

    Also, I’m starting to think that our best defenseman will turn out to be Streit. Can score goals, knows when to help out in offense AND plays great in defense.

  34. #34 baba ray says:
    February 25, 2007 at 4:05 am

    Who the hell lives off this site like Joshtm & Xhabsfan.
    Guys you need to get laid.
    Your posting every single second. WTF? Do you live a breath off this site?
    Sorry to offend you guys but get a life.
    1 or 2 posts once in awile is o.k but every second post?
    Life can’t be that bad if your living off the internet.

  35. #35 Higgy21 says:
    February 25, 2007 at 6:48 am

    Lapierre looks so one dimensional at times it is quite hilarious. HE grabs that puck and puts his head down adn starts motoring only Joshtm knows where. He usually carrieews the puck into the corner burt sometimes he lets go a really awkward looking snap/slap shot. I dont think he even has a AHL caliber wrist shot. THen when he gets a fortunate bounce he stmbles and bumbles and crumbles onhis chance. Maybe his skills dimenished when he was sent down to the A for those 6 days during christmas.

  36. #36 Higgy21 says:
    February 25, 2007 at 6:52 am

    Joshtm and Xhabs fan:

    hey guys if you need any help with the ladies and you know the thing everyone calls “sex” I would be happy to give you outcasts some advice. ANything to help you guys get laid and stop obsessing with your demented thoughts.

    LEt me know.

  37. #37 Higgy21 says:
    February 25, 2007 at 6:54 am

    I think Kovalev is to blame for yesterday;s loss. Yeah thats right and HUet as well.

  38. #38 PACTUM SERVA says:
    February 25, 2007 at 11:02 am

    tkachuk traded to atlanta

  39. Tkachuk and Guerin are the first shoes to drop. When Guerin get’s dealt, I’m guessing to Anaheim since they picked up a first round pick yesterday, the frenzy is going to start.

    And with the Sharks getting lit up for 7 goals by Calgary on 23 shots last night they just got more desperate for a D-man. And when Anaheim picks up Guerin they’re going to need to compete with that.

    If Gainey is smart he’s licking his chops at how much he’s going to get for Souray or even Rivet if the Sharks get really desperate.

  40. Andrei Markov: 4 goals, 32 assists for 36 points in 59gp. He’s +3(which means the Habs score more then the other team when he’s on the ice) and if you think Souray would have as many PP goals without Andrei you are Sadly mistaken.

    Andrei Markov is just as good if not better then Tomas Kaberle who got just over 4 million per season.

    He’s worth 4 mil per year.

    I keep hearing people say that Gainey’s not a quitter and that he won’t wave the white flag on this season. Well he better. Cause if he doesn’t we’ll be experiencing another 5 straight years of this.

    Some times you have to sacrifice one season to safe the next four.

    And apparently Gainey is targeting Nathan Horton. If he can get him that would be a coup.

  41. #41 stevejur says:
    February 25, 2007 at 12:52 pm

    I say out with the old in with the new.
    I don’t think I can watch tomorrow nights slaughter.

    If we lose burn down the Bell Centre

  42. #42 R habs 4 real says:
    February 25, 2007 at 2:07 pm

    here’s some interesting stats: Since 1993, we’ve had only 5, 30 goal scorers. In 1992-3, when we last won the cup, we had 4, 30 goal scorers. Look how our scoring production has dropped. In 1992-3, Bellows, Lebeau, Muller, and Damphousse all scored 30+ goals. For better than 10 years now, we’ve had problems scoring goals, and NOT 1 GM HAS ADDRESSED THAT PROBLEM!
    Also note, that this season: we can’t win afternoon games, and on SATURDAYS, we are, 6-12-0-3. pretty pathetic!
    Think about this guys. We have won but 2 cups in the last 28 years! Horrific!
    I’ve been wondering why we can’t attract players here. It has nothing to do with the fans. fans are the same in every city. Look at Toronto; their fans are as much demanding as us, yet they have no problems getting UFA’s to come there. Their taxes are high, and lot’s of media there too.
    Well then, it must be the language issue. As an english speaking person, it upsets me that we ALWAYS MUST SIGN ONLY A BILINGUAL COACH AND GM! It’s absolutely ridiculous! Therefore, all the good coaches and GM’s out there, who do NOT speak french,we can’t touch. The only way this franchise can obtain players, is thru draft picks, and possible trades. The result: there will be NO cups in this city unless we fluke out 1 year. I think the future for winning NHL hockey in Montreal is very bleak! I will always support the habs, but I don’t see another banner being raised in my lifetime!
    Teams like SJ, Anaheim, Nashville, Carolina, Atlanta,Dallas, Detroit, became good teams via lot’s of UFA signings and trades. Yes, also draft picks, but mostly the latter. WE AREN’T ABLE TO DO WHAT THEY DO! WE ARE VERY LIMITED.
    There’s 1 more isuue to state. WE’VE HAD VERY BAD SCOUTS FOR 15 YEARS NOW, AND STILL IT’S LOUSY!
    Look at Ottawa. Almost all of their draft picks turn out to be very good players. I guess they have superior scouts, compared to us.
    I watched their game last night. What a difference their forwards to ours. They are more skilled, and on their rushes, they have much more creativity and are able to make scoring chances out of nothing. Compared to them, we’re like a junior B team, and that’s exactly the way our team, especially our offence, or lack of, looks! Gainey doesn’t have alot to work with. When you look at a player like Lapierre, he belongs in the minors. He can’t shoot, he certainly can’t stickhandle, and has no idea how to score, or what to do with the puck.
    He’s not even good enough to put on the 4th line. Also, most teams have 2 great lines, the 3rd line won’t score as much, and the 4th line is a checking line.
    On our team, we have 1 line who can score, and that’s it. And our top line is about equal to other team’s 3rd line. We have 3 checking lines. No wonder there’s no offence.
    If next year, there are no big name scorers added to this team, you can forget about this team EVER getting into the upper echilons of hockey.
    We will remain dormats for all other teams, and I know the rest of the league is laughing at us. We can no longer rest on our laurels. the time is NOW!
    Either Gainey will make changes, or we will be a NOTHING team, forever!

  43. #43 stevejur says:
    February 25, 2007 at 2:46 pm

    I’ve been saying the same thing all along R habs 4 real
    I can’t believe this goalscoring issue has not been addressed.
    They’ve had over 10 years to solve this problem
    For God sake our last 50 goalscorer was Stephane Richer.
    What 1989? Gimme a break, there’s a bunch of blind retards running this club.

  44. Kovalev and RIvet will both be in the lineup on Monday. Thats if Rivet is not traded first. Bgin will be back by the end of the week. Maybe even Tuesday.

    Now I know Kovalev is a wildcard at best but his best games are usually when he returns from injury aka. last year vs Ottawa. Plus it will be like a playoff game and Kovy usually shows up when it matters.

    Anyone else think Abby should start. Halak is been decent but its games like this that we have Abby.

  45. #45 R habs 4 real says:
    February 25, 2007 at 3:54 pm

    If Kovalev is in the lineup tomorrow, and Aebischer plays, chalk it up as a loss! Besides we can’t ever beat the leafs anyways.
    The season is over. Gainey missed the boat as usual! Just trade the whole team for a sackful of tacos! That’s about all they’re worth!

  46. #46 Higgy21 says:
    February 25, 2007 at 4:58 pm

    R Habs 4 real:

    Okay great we know where you stand. IF the habs make the playoffs and get hot at the right time AGAIN then let it be known you had given up. AT this point you have been dropped as a fan and become a critic so you deserve no part of any success this year. Might as well cheer for the Laffs.

  47. #47 R habs 4 real says:
    February 25, 2007 at 5:01 pm

    What success?

  48. as someone said Kovalev usually shows up when it matters, unfortuantely for us all 82 games matter, we don’t need players who are only going to show up for certain games… what kind of example does that set to the young players on this team? If Kovalev only wants to show up for certain games, maybe Kovalev should refund the money for the rest of the games in which he doesn’t show up. Oh ya thats right he wouldn’t be making diddly squat if he did that.

    I want to point something out here, Latendresse was a healthy scratch last game. what did he do? he didn’t whine moan or complain…. he stated he understands why an stated he’ll come back and work harder than ever…

    Now let’s compare this to Rivet, he was healthy scratch for a game… what does he do? well in case u don’t already know, he went on a little hissy fit, he didn’t even think he was playing bad… can u believe that he didn’t think he was playing bad…he complained that he couldn’t understand it and didn’t agree with it.
    well enough said really, when a teenager shows more leadership than Rivet.
    I guess if Rivet leads by example ,any of the young guys who have been benched, should have had a big hissy fit then complained to the media about it as well

    Good leadership there Rivet and KOvalev way to set an example for our young guys.

  49. Higgy21
    Posted on February 25th, 2007 at 4:58 pm. About ‘Who needs Peter Forsberg anyway?’.

    R Habs 4 real:

    Okay great we know where you stand. IF the habs make the playoffs and get hot at the right time AGAIN then let it be known you had given up. AT this point you have been dropped as a fan and become a critic so you deserve no part of any success this year. Might as well cheer for the Laffs.

    How does it make u less of a fan if you are a critic of the team we have on the ice?….how does it make u less of a fan if you don’t believe this team can win the cup?….At least some fans can actually take of there rose coloured glasses and see reality… If anyone should jump ship to the Leafs its guys like this..
    you seem more than content with being a medicore team sounds like a good fit for the Leafs to me…

    I guess finishing 7-11th evey year and being knocked out in the first round or second round is your cup of tea, sorry I expect better from the MOntreal Canadiens. I suppose when the critics say i told you so in june, when we are on the golf course, there weren’t right in there assesment of there team…

    people just don’t see this team as a true contender, i see nothing wrong with that, i suppose since they don’t believe the habs are gonna win the cup, it will be all there fault when we are on the outside looking in come june.
    cause we didn’t believe that must be it.

    sorry if u want people to blindly follow and cheer for the team, you may need robots who are gonna pay good money to fill the stands.

    take off those rose coloured glasses, they way this team stands right now, we are not going past the 2nd round, and that’s giving them the benefit of the doubt.

  50. We can pick up this argument in june if you like, assuming, the habs stick with the status quo. we’ll know withing 48 hours if they do.

    the delussional fans are the reason we get a bunch of past there prime and or underperforming vets….careful u guys keep this up we may end up with another one.

    must be all the fans fault, must be terrible fans if they can’t see there team for what it is… even after watching all 82 games.

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