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Why isn’t Michael Ryder signed?

  • Why isn’t Michael Ryder Signed?

    That is a good question that many Habs fans are still wondering as we inch closer to the season.

    What is Bob Gainey thinking? Surely he knows that Ryder is probably one of the brighest upcoming stars in the league. Robbed of the Calder trophy, he put up 25 goals and over 60 points in his rookie season.

    Watching games last year Michael Ryder was one of the few Canadiens you could count to show up and deliver every game. A gritty forward with a nose for the net. So why isn’t he inked? It can’t be Bob Gainey doesn’t want this kid can it? Doubtful.

    Since he hasn’t been signed, specualtion is circulating that Ryder himself wants out. This I find hard to believe and don’t see any basis for. Perhaps he’s holding out for more money, that maybe he doesn’t really warrant yet at this time in his career. Of course, who can really know but Ryder himself?

    Other rumors that there is a trade in the works, possibly with Brad Richards out of Tampa Bay. If Ryder is going to be traded, don’t expect it to be for Brad Richards. If it were to happen , Ryder would be part of a group transaction seeing a couple other big names alongside his.

    Let’s put a rest to this and get Ryder inked on the dotted line. We need his 25+ goals in the ever competitive Northeast this season.

    Michael Ryder
  1. Patience! It’s still only August yet. I doubt that Gainey is under-valuing Ryder’s importance, nor do I believe Ryder “wants out”. Negotiations take time, some players longer than others. Remember Gainey started out a month ago with several key players to re-sign (Bouillon, Dagenais, Bulis, Koivu, Kovalev, Markov, Ribeiro, Ryder and Theodore). The fact he’s go all but two of those guys under contract speaks volumes.

    Now if Ryder’s and Theodore’s names are under contract in a month’s time, then it’s time to start worrying.

  2. Sorry, that last paragraph should read “if Ryder’s and Theodore’s names AREN’T under contract in a month’s time”….

  3. I prefer:
    “Now if Ryder’s and Theodore’s names are under contract in a month’s time, then it’s time to start worrying.”

    The worrying will be done, not by us, but by every other team in the east.

  4. In a recent interview in the Nfld press, Ryder said he hadn’t been contacted yet and was thinking of playing in Europe again.

    For what it’s worth

  5. He rejected the qualifying offer, but now that Theo’s signed all energy will be focused on him.

  6. #6 Troy Bullock says:
    September 12, 2005 at 10:22 am

    I live 15 minutes from where Ryder grew up and i am a huge fan but id rather see Micheal in a leafs jersey so I hope he does want out.

  7. 6 Troy Bullock
    If your a huge fan of Ryder, why would you want the poor guy to go to a team that hasn’t won the cup in over 30 years. Current team is very old, they have no prospects and they traded all there draft picks. They screwed themselves for the next 5 yrs, they won’t make the playoffs this year. Now I know that because you are a Leaf fan you will probably not understand any of this.

  8. #8 Tiffany Baldo says:
    February 20, 2006 at 8:31 pm

    Ryder is one of my favorite players on the Canadians. He has an amazing shot, he’s just what the habs need. If Ryder doesn’t get signed then there’s obviously something wrong. Everyone knows that Théodore has lost his game. Money has gotten to his head. We can get a much better goalie for the money that they are paying him

  9. Tiffany Baldo

    Hey Tiffany, he signed before the season began, I just found this site and wanted to torture the Leaf fan.

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