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Crosby Under Contract in Pittsburgh

  • Sidney Crosby is officially a Penguin.

    Crosby signed with the Penguins today, under the new CBA Crosby is limited to only $ 850,000 USD and $850,000 USD in rookie bonuses.

    Will he be able to cash in on those bonuses?

    • 20 goals and 35 assists: Questionable in a rookie year, but very possible with his skill and considering his linemates.
    • Rookie All Star Team: This is a cinch.
    • Top 3 in Rookie Plus/Minus: Maybe harder than it seems with a crop of talented rookies entering the league this year.
    • Crosby’s already earning $6 Million from Reebok, so don’t feel too bad for his thin wallet.

      Now will he live up to the hype, or is he another Alexandre Daigle?
      I think not.

  1. Pitsburgh does not deserve this guy at all. These are not real hockey fans they are a bunch of fickle people who only show up to gmaes when they win. Go Habs Go!!!!

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