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Free Agent Frenzy?


    Sundin is not going to the Rangers. This is just some beat writer hoping to leak a story. Moving Gomez or Drury to the wing I don’t think is something they want to do, plus their cap space is limited. Rangers are not a serious cup contender, they have no sentimental value for him, and are not offering a load of money, why would he go there? NY is where old hockey players go to die. If Sundin knows this he will stay away.

  2. stuo11….I like Subban more as well as he is a more rounded player and probably closer to stepping up since he is better defensively, but both have a similar upside on offense and are both relatively small for a defenseman (both are 5’11”) More punishing defenders like O’Byrne in our system are Pateryn, Valentenko, Fischer, but other than Valentenko are a few years away. Subban will most likely be the first of the bunch to step up unless Weber has gotten better defensively over the summer. BUt don’t expect to see any of them in more than 5-10 games this year unless there are multiple injuries on the blueline.

  3. I thoughht it was done! lol, but I guess not, WTF?! SUNDIN. With all these teams making lies, Mats Sundin, is probably getting pissed off. Montreal hasn’t said any lies about Mats, maybe he’ll come here after all. Another stupid Eklund thingy, Shawn Horcoff going to Montreal (E2)

  4. A month after horcoff signs a 6 year extension eklund comes out with that? what an idiot. Without a doubt I could do a better job than him. While he is a good center, he is not the big center Montreal has been looking for. I wonder who his sources are….maybe it’s the troll who lives under the train bridge.

  5. lol, yeah maybe

  6. #6 habknot says:
    August 18, 2008 at 6:18 pm

    Donnie: I can see Ryder rediscover his scoring touch, and he’s always been an asset along the boards, especially offensively. I just don’t think he’ll ever develop into a hab-killer the way Leclair was. First, he’s already blossomed, we know with a setup man he’s going to get 30 and I wouldn’t put 40 past him if he’s on Savard’s line. Second, he won’t ever be the monster on the ice that Leclair turned into in Philly, he lacks the size.

    If you want to look at the player most like Leclair on our current roster – don’t go further than Latendresse. Big, lots of potential, but often invisible. Already, guys on this blog want to get rid of him. Big guys stick out more, their long strides make them look slower than they really are. Most of us have seen enough flashes that we are holding our breath; hoping he’s still wearing the CH when he puts it all together: physical presence, deceptive moves, soft hands. Maybe Koivu, Tanguay and Lats can put it together this year, if the chemistry is there, they could be 1a) and 1b) with Plek, Kovi, and A. Kots. When does training camp start? :-)

  7. but would u guys trade Horcoff for Koivu?lol Koivu is getting old so maybe throw a pick. Koivu I think is great though, but he’s not a number 1 centremen.

  8. #8 habknot says:
    August 19, 2008 at 4:30 pm

    STUO, of course, anyone would make that trade in a heartbeat. Remember Horcroff 2 years ago in the playoffs? He reminded me of Carbo in his prime, blocking everything and potting goals that counted. Koivu is an old warrior, and could be a number one center [HAS been 9 out of the last ten years]. But Horcroff tied up for six years? He’s four years younger, lots bigger, and just as talented, just as intense. I even feel that Saku has started getting lazy defensively and its creating bad penalties. I’m happy with Koivu as #2 [or 3 if Sundin…], but any GM makes the trade you just described [except Lowe, who’d get mugged in EDM]

  9. yeah, but remember how good Koivu was in the playoffs, If he played everygame he would have ahd more pts than Kovalev. Koivu was great. What do u guys mean, wehn u talk about a big centremen. Really skilled like 100 pts like player or just some one with size?

  10. #10 habknot says:
    August 19, 2008 at 5:59 pm

    Stuo, any of the above. Sundin is a classic big center. But I’d take Bonk back, someone who can win the defensive faceoff and hold off the Thornton, Sundin, Carter etc…

    That said, Detroit just won the cup; coming from the wild west, without a classic big center. They have some size on the wing, but their top 3 centers are smaller than average. I think a good coach can make use of the tools he’s given; but most would ask for a big [hopefully two-way] center as a major tool.

  11. Because, I’m jsut bsaying, Skill wise Tomas Pekanec is getting really,really good. he might get around 90 pts next year.

  12. #12 habknot says:
    August 19, 2008 at 8:49 pm

    Pleks is our #1 right now. His skill set is like Zettebergs and I think if Montreal goes deep in the playoffs more people will notice how damn good he is becoming. I don’t think Kovalev’s revival was unrelated to Plek’s development [double negative?]. Maybe Koivu will click with Tanguay and ??? to form anoher dangerous line.

  13. did u guys hear Columbus prospect, Stephen Legeion has retired at the age of 19? WTF is up with that?!

  14. #14 hab faithful says:
    August 20, 2008 at 12:53 pm

    habs need a pure goal scorer. So who are we going to trade for?
    It’s time for BG to get on his horse and make that deal to get us a center. Lang? O’Sullivan? Marleau? Just do it Bob!

  15. #15 alias says:
    August 20, 2008 at 9:20 pm

    Stuo11….Interesting article on Legein….is it a prank?…red-or-did-he/

    hab faithful….of those guys I’d only want O’Sully. Lang is old and his best days are behind him. Marleau is questionable and expensive. O’Sullivan will be a great 70-80 point guy for many years to come, but can we pull him away from the Kings who have a pretty good youth movement?

  16. #16 alias says:
    August 20, 2008 at 9:23 pm

    this link works better….

    videos are pretty funny….vintage Gino!

  17. #17 alias says:
    August 22, 2008 at 6:05 pm

    So on the offical Habs webpage the forwards are listed as such:

    A Kost
    S Kost

    That’s 13 guys….so who do you think is the odd man out? I’d have to go with Begin. As much as I do like him I really thought Kostopolous played very well last year, and would prefer to see Chipchura stay up and continue to improve. Lats deserves another shot to prove he can be the power forward he is expected to be and Lapierre also has shown he can be a great shut down guy. So the 3rd and 4th lines could look like this:

    S Kost – Chipchura – Lats
    Kostopolous – Lapierre – Laraque

    That’s a damn scary 4th line!

  18. #18 alias says:
    August 22, 2008 at 6:08 pm

    Also if Lats breaks out this year and S Kost goes as scheduled that could be the best 3rd line in hockey! Each one of those linemates could hit 40-50 points this year.

  19. I think the habs have the best 2ndl ine ,best 3rd line and best 4th line in hockey. Lecavelier is the answer for line 1 lol. Best balanced team in the NHL. The habs play like a team.

  20. Guys, Lets say Marc Denis Come back to the way he used to play back in Columbus, could he make it interesting?

  21. #21 Gimmeshelter27 says:
    August 27, 2008 at 4:01 pm

    Yes Denis will make things very interesting then. For Springfiled and Hershey where he’ll be playing.

  22. lol, What about Mathieu Schneider going to Montreal

  23. Guys, Lets say Marc Denis Come back to the way he used to play back in Columbus, could he make it interesting?

    He,I think was signed because he is a very good back-up for Price. But if he does play very good hockey again, I think that will take the back-up job from Halak and if the 2nd year curse really works on Price he can battle with Price for the number 1 job. But that’s only for this year 😀

  24. #24 habknot says:
    August 30, 2008 at 4:39 pm

    OK, this is for all of you ‘get rid of Lats’ guys. I don’t have exact names, place; but he was seen on a local beach in the past two weeks, signing autographs, chugging beer, and carrying a significant ‘molson muscle’ by a guy who teaches fitness and didn’t think he saw much there. This is a bad sign [IF it is true]. If he comes to camp even slightly out of shape, I hope he is sent to Hamilton right away, to work on fitness and positioning. I am in no way ready to give up on Lats. His combination of size and touch is not easy to find! On a positive note, Lapierre has been adding muscle [15 pounds] and wants a crack at playing with Laraque.

  25. Latendresse will be a 40 pt pwf soon, I know were all mad he’s taking sooo long, but…. Patience, Just Patience. Lets trade Dandy,Boullion and a 4th pick for Oulett of Tampa and trade Latendresse and maybe a pick for Mathiieu Schneider!!! The Habs have the youngest age average in the NHL and Mathieu Schneider’s expierience would help us alot. And we don’t need another forward I think were already the best offence, but yeah maybe a big Centremen for thhe playoffs.

  26. #26 alias says:
    August 31, 2008 at 12:00 am

    you guys ready? here’s my prediction with the trio of goaltenders (btw I predicted Huet getting traded in November of last year). Price will play 65 games. Halak will play the remainder playing on back to back nights and against lesser teams since I don’t think Price can handle 70+ games this year, and they would like to keep him somewhat rested going into the playoffs. The goal with Halak I beleive is to showcase him and trade him. He can be a bona fide NHL starter IMO and will not get that chance as long as Price is in a Habs uni. It doesn’t matter how Denis plays, he will play in Hamilton until Halak is moved and will be Price’s back up once Price can handle 70+ games, which would be the 09-10 season meaning Halak will be moved either at this year’s trade deadline or over the summer of ’09. Denis can be a capable back-up with the right team. Tampa did not have the defense that Denis requires to play well. With Yann Danis gone I’m not sure who will be playing with Marc Denis in Hamilton, but Marc could be an asset to a young tender trying to learn the ropes, which was probably the clincher on acquiring him. Hopefully Missiaen gets a shot since he could turn out to be a nice draft pick. Just my $0.02

  27. #27 habsfanforlife says:
    August 31, 2008 at 12:10 am

    Desjardin is the other tender in Hamilton I do believe.

  28. #28 alias says:
    August 31, 2008 at 12:16 am

    675 STUO11
    Posted on August 30th, 2008 at 6:43 pm. About ‘Free Agent Frenzy?’.

    Latendresse will be a 40 pt pwf soon, I know were all mad he’s taking sooo long, but…. Patience, Just Patience. Lets trade Dandy,Boullion and a 4th pick for Oulett of Tampa and trade Latendresse and maybe a pick for Mathiieu Schneider!!! The Habs have the youngest age average in the NHL and Mathieu Schneider’s expierience would help us alot. And we don’t need another forward I think were already the best offence, but yeah maybe a big Centremen for thhe playoffs.

    Patience on Lats….unless we can get Schneids? I’d rather keep Lats. His potential is amazing and maybe with Laraque around he will feel less pressure to be the tough guy he was supposed to be, and maybe Laraque (who is great in front of the net as well) can even show him a thing or two. Schneids is old and our defense is fine. Yes we have a lot of young guys, but those young guys have some good experience under their belts now, playoff experience too. Guys like Gorges, Komisarek, O’Byrne I believe will have improved seasons this year. If we bring in Schneider, we’d lose O’Byrne which I think is crucial since he is a bruiser that can clear the net and Philly showed that was our weakness. He seemed a little timid in Montreal last season but I think he will shake that off and really show what he can do this year. I’ve seen him in Hamilton and when he gets comfortable he can absolutely crush people. The NHL was probably intimidating for him at first. (Think of “Tree” in Mystery Alaska) I think Komi improves on his points and gets less penalties with Laraque in the lineup. If you’re thinking we need Schneids for our PP I couldn’t disagree more. Last year it was how do we replace Souray? We did. Now it’s how do we replace Streit? First off, most of his points were as a forward. Second, Souray and Streit benefitted from Carbo’s coaching. Sergei Kostitsyn is a great fit on the point since I think Kovalev is completely dominating along the right boards so you don’t want to move him anywhere. S Kost is a quick agile guy with an accurate pass which is exactly what you want there. He could keep the puck in the zone well and I’ll bet he could produce at least equal, if not more, than what Streit was doing back there. He has tons more skill and talent than Streit. He has two jobs. Keep the puck in and either get the puck to Kovalev, or find Markov sneaking in back door. Piece of cake for him.

  29. #29 alias says:
    August 31, 2008 at 12:19 am

    677 habsfanforlife
    Posted on August 31st, 2008 at 12:10 am. About ‘Free Agent Frenzy?’.

    Desjardin is the other tender in Hamilton I do believe.

    Ya I figure that’s who they will go with, I was just wishing cuz I’d love to see Missiaen just stand there while people try to find a hole in him. 6’8″ and still growing. Insane. I think he has the most potential which is why I would like to see him play with a guy who has NHL experience. I’m not too high on Desjardins or Lacasse.

  30. #30 hab faithful says:
    August 31, 2008 at 11:53 am

    Time for plsn B!

  31. We won’t lose O’Byrne. With Boullion gone Schnieder would just take the third line. With O’Byrne on the 2nd line like right now. We have the youngest core in the Estern Conference and we won’t wi the cup. Our older guys were best, Koivu,Kovalev and even Brisebois were some of our best players in the playoffs. Mathieu Schneider would be one of our best defencemen in the playoffs. I want someone with us from the 93 cup and Schneider is better than Brisebois.

  32. well I don’t think tampa will be dealing for anymore defensemen so Bouillon would still be here. The problem that was evident was a lack of physicality against the tougher teams like Philly. Schneider does not help there. Keeping Lats and having Laraque mentor him is the best situation for him and the team. If he does not improve this year then trade him, but he deserves one more shot. I think the only thing Gainey has his sights on right now is a center. Why do you want someone from the ’93 cup so bad? Any cup experience will do for me.

  33. Because It’s nothing like winnnig the cup in Montreal. It’s soo hard winning the cup with almost 22,000 fans screaming and cheering and when u get out of the building u here it from the fans. I think we all know that Montreal holds the most pressure than any other team in the NHL. And Schneider would be really easy to get since he’s old and Anaheim can’t afford him. I know we have capable forwards but I just think that a little more expierience in needed and Tampa Bay probably has one of the worst defensive cores in the whole NHL right now they would take Boullion. or maybe jsut trade Boullion and Dandenault for 9th round picks lol, I want some free roster space for some young guns. and Gregory Stewart needs to play!

  34. and our defencemen were tough enough to handle the flyer’s tough guys It’s our forwards that couldn’t do anything.

  35. 684 STUO11
    Posted on September 1st, 2008 at 2:53 pm. About ‘Free Agent Frenzy?’.

    and our defencemen were tough enough to handle the flyer’s tough guys It’s our forwards that couldn’t do anything.

    I think Price would disagree there. He saw a lot of traffic in front of him in that series. You want 93 cup winners? Look no further than the coaching staff. They would have more of an impact than Schneider. I just think bringing in Schneider would be more of a nostalgic move than a tactical move, and logic should always win out over emotion in these situations. I agree I would like to see some of the young guns come up too, but all in due time. I’m most excited to see Subban on the blueline.

    As for Tampa their defense is pretty good offensively. Meszaros, Carle, Ranger and O’Brien are a pretty good top 4 set offensively anyways. (BTW they lost that deal to Ottawa big time IMO) What they need are guys that are more defensively responsible. Dandeneault will not help there at all. Not sure if there is any interest in him at all anymore. Bouillon maybe, but I think they will give prospect Matt Smaby a shot who has good size and is more of a stay at home defenseman and may be ready for a full NHL season.

  36. Everyone wants a very good defencemen like Pronger or something but Bob Giney isn’t going to get something like that. He gets players that are getting worse-Smolinski Bonk Hamrlik etc. Well not exactly getting worse but getting washed up. We need another defencemen and he’s one of the easiest to get. Hey,he’s better than nothing. How about Francois Beachemin?lol(random) I know montreal is going to win the division. Ottawa’s rushing deencemen is Kuba!lol Markov or Kuba?lol Montreal has better offence,powerplay,defence, balanced attack and well goaltending is hard to say. It’s impossible for the sens to be better, but that’s just on paper.

    Price might have saw alot of traffic but the defence did really good on shots, LIke some playof games the shots were like 50-12 for Montreal(philly sucks)


    Pretty decent analysis here. A few good quotes….

    “Few teams have a better defense,”
    “Watch for a change to tighter defense this season.”
    “Three reasons for optimism

    * The Canadiens have plenty of depth up front and the ability to strike early and often as Tanguay joins the likes of Kovalev, Koivu, Plekanec, Higgins and the Kostitsyn brothers.

    * A shot-blocking defense led by Komisarek and Hamrlik should ably assist take plenty of heat off the Habs goalies.

    * Despite the dip in the postseason, Price is one of the most impressive young goalies to come along in some time. He has enjoyed success at the junior and AHL levels, so there is no reason to doubt he will find his mark in the NHL.”

    However I also found a few things that make ya go Huh?

    “Tanguay is likely to play on a line centered by Tomas Plekanec with Alex Kovalev on the right wing. ” – Pretty sure he will play with Koivu/Higgins
    “Higgins plays a smart, solid two-way game and is well-suited to third-line duty, although he can play on the top two lines.” – 3rd line duty? A lock for 25 goals with 40 goal potential and they say 3rd line duty?

  38. #38 25in100 says:
    October 1, 2008 at 4:38 pm

    I really thought the Montreal Canadiens wouldn’t go out and sign an old guy to play center for them. Obviously Lang is not a 1st or even a 2nd line center really, but I don’t think he’s worth what he’s getting paid. I think there were chances to address this ‘big center’ issue for a long time and Montreal refused to get someone more like Brian Rolston. I’m by no means trying to knock European players, but Lang is not moving his feet in games I’ve seen already. I mean Kovalev isn’t that much younger then him and look how he moves his feet. I think Lang will just prove to be another lazy old guy (*cough* Brisebois) taking up far too much salary room. If the team does really well and makes it deep into the playoffs, I hope he is playing his heart out, because I don’t see it in his play anymore.

  39. #39 Go Habs Go says:
    October 3, 2008 at 8:37 pm

    yeah i agree, but i do beleive that lang will come through and will add alot of depth to montreals already bolstering offence. On another note i now wish that gainey had of gone out in the spring and got a half decent defenceman that can move the puck and score the odd goal. I REALLY dont like danndenault. Replace him with a an ok D and montreal should be a contender.

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