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Olympic Hockey Day 2

  • Day 2 of Olympic Hockey competition is complete and Canada earned its 2nd win beating Germany 5-1.

    Once again the Canadians were too much for the opposition. The Canucks managed to get a lead early and put five goals past the struggling German defense who played without Olaf Kolzig. The Canadians have never trailed and have scored 11 goals in 2 games which is tied for the lead in the Tournament.

    Love him or hate him, when Todd Bertuzzi was announced as a member of the Canadian Team it stirred up controversy. Todd Bertuzzi has been arguably the best Canadian player so far at the games. Bertuzzi has been a presence on the ice on every shift and chipped in 3 points in his 2 games. It looks as if he’s on his game and could be a big player against the more challenging teams. Joe Sakic and Dany Heatley also look dangerous on the ice. Canada’s next game is against Switzerland before finishing up with Finland and the Czech Republic.

    Upsets continue. Switzerland defeated the Czech Republic 3-2 which is a huge upset. The Czech Republic won’t get any help as Dominik Hasek has returned back to Ottawa after being injured in game 1. Patrick Elias has also withdrawn from the games leaving the Czech team another hole in their roster.

    The Swiss winning goal was scored by none other than Montreal’s own Mark Streit. I’ve never seen him shoot the puck like that while in the CH uniform. The Swiss will be coming into Saturday’s game against Canada extremely confident. Martin Gerber has been playing well and the Swiss should be a harder game than the previous two.

    Prediction: Canada 4 – Switzerland 2

  1. It’s gonna be interesting tomorrow.
    Just one thing, to my knowledge, gerber only played the first 2/3 of th first game and was then replaced by Aebischer, who also player the game against the Czechs. So tomorrow, it will be most probably Aebischer you guys have to beatm, not Gerber. Good luck 😉

  2. Sorry, horrible spelling…

  3. I didn’t see the whole game. I wonder why they prefer Abeischer. Either way, I think Canada’s about to start peaking.

  4. I think they switched to Aebischer because Gerber let in 5 Goals in 20-25 shots or so against Finland.

  5. So man, where’s your summary of day 3 ? (In case you don’t remember, that was the day when the Swiss beat Canada 😉

  6. Sorry, weekend obligations. Soon.

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