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Team Canada in Trouble?

  • Team Canada has dropped to a 2-2 record at the Olympic games with back to back shut out losses to Switzerland and Finland.

    Is it time to panic?

    The Swiss team beat Canada for the first time ever and caused alarm and panic all across Canada. Canada came out flat against a hungrier Swiss team and couldn’t score. There was a questionable goal disallowed that most people agree should have counted. The bottom line is the Swiss outplayed Canada and Martin Gerber in particular won the game for the Swiss.

    Ex-Montreal Canadien Paul DiPietro scored both Swiss goals. So that’s where he ended up. He’s about as Swiss as Lasagna. I heard Gary Leeman is playing for Kazakhstan.

    The Swiss loss should have woken Canada up a little. They should have been ready to explode out of the gate against Finland. They did not.

    The 1st period against Finland was probably the worst period of Olympic hockey in the past 3 Olympic games. Finland out hustled and out played Canada in every possible way. They were rewarded for their effort and earned a 2-0 lead. Canada again partially woke up in the second and third but couldn’t put enough together.

    The common denominator with both of those games is Switzerland and Finland played like they want to win and Canada played like they already won.

    Is everything falling apart? Hardly. Finland has a very strong team and they seem to know how to play a system and play on the big ice better than Canada does. Better coaching? Better preparation? Maybe. They are undefeated and their goaltending bailed them out of any mistakes they made against Canada. The confidence they got in the round-robin will make them hard to beat in the medal round.

    With any Canadian loss the critics come out and rightfully so. In Canada’s losses a few players stand out in a bad way. Chris Pronger, what is he doing? The slow lurching giant has been dreadful. Montreal’s Saku Koivu is 8 inches shorter and probably 50 lbs lighter and he simply out worked him on the 1st Finnish goal. Pronger’s taking penalty after penalty and contributing nothing positive. He can’t seem to figure out where to go on the big ice and the same foes for Adam Foote. Age is definitely showing. Oh ya, Rob Blake, can you hit the net EVER? I haven’t seen a shot on goal all tournament. Break outs? Passing? Passing percentage must be less than 20%. Scott Niedermayer is a big missing piece on the back end.

    Sometimes you wonder why mini Martin St-Louis is there while Sidney Crobsy and Eric Staal aren’t. I’d sure take either of them over the one year wonder. The team needs some goal scoring and badly. Of course if Canada comes back for gold all this criticism will be forgotten. So far though, this team is not all that awe inspiring.

    If every period was like the 1st against the Finns, it would be panic time. Team Canada just needs one goal before they regain their confidence and explode, there are still extremely skilled guys on the ice on every shift.

    Keep in mind the round-robin doesn’t count for anything. Which teams will show up for the Medal round?

  1. #1 Manitoban says:
    February 20, 2006 at 10:58 am

    Pronger has made lots of contributions dung the tournament–all bad. There are games we might have one if he had simply not been on the ice taking lousy penalties and acting like a pylon.

    And Staal should be there. He just should. I think he could’ve handled the pressure.

    And am I the only one who thinks that Bertuzzi looks tired and out of it on the ice?

  2. What Saku did to Pronger – that’s why he’s worth $4.75M per.

  3. Really, well we should brainwash him before each game to think he’s playing for Finland. When he’s losing the faceoffs like he normally does, we’ll take a time out and get a shrink to channel the face-off winner from the Canada game.

  4. #4 SaskHab says:
    February 20, 2006 at 1:52 pm

    it seems plainly clear that teams have resorted to playing trap hockey against us, and it seems to be working. You’d think our guys could make some adjustments since they’ve seen this brand of hockey for over a decade in the NHL. Ditto for our supposedly top-notch “braintrust” (man do I hate that word). These games are so frustrating to watch I’m pretty sure I’vbe already got at least one ulcer and 32 migraines to show for our sterling 2-2 record.

  5. I agree. The trapping, stuffing up the middle style is horrible to watch. Canada could not do anything off the rush. It seems a pretty effective way to shut down Canada.

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    March 1, 2007 at 1:41 pm

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