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Team Sweden to Lose on purpose?

  • The Swedish Olympic Hockey coach has been quoted as saying that he is considering ‘throwing’ today’s game against the Slovaks.


    The Swedish coach apparently mentioned on a Swedish TV station that they are considering what the best option for their team is. Throwing the game would assure them a 3rd place finish and a Quarter-Final birth against Switzerland as opposed to either Canada or the Czech Republic.

    This has drawn attention from the IIHF and the Olympic committee and not to mention the other teams. Headline in the Swedish newspaper today read “Assignment: Lose.”

    Not very Olympian. I doubt the Swedish players will play into this especially now since it’s been spread all over the media and has drawn a lot of negative attention.

    What I’d like to see? Sweden should compete against Slovakia and get beat badly. Move on to face Switzerland in the medal round like they wanted and then lose again. Now that’s justice.

  1. That would be just too sweet :)

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