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St Louis Blues Falling Hard

  • Once the NHL and NHLPA agreed on a new CBA including a salary cap it became evident the NHL would be changed for ever.

    I thought that former NHL giants would also be a thing of the past.

    Now the post about the Red Wings was obviously off base. It wasn’t the Wings who are finding themselves in trouble, but another strong NHL team.

    The St-Louis Blues have not missed the playoffs in 25 years. That is the longest streak not only in hockey, but in professional sports altogether. It is in serious danger of ending if it isn’t dead already.

    The Blues are 5-15-3 good for 13 points and last place in the league. It was no surprise to me once the Blues suspended Keith Tkachuk for being fat. The highest paid guy in the league and your team Captain showing up at 260+lbs didn’t exaclty inspire a lot of hope for this years team.

    Keith Tkachuk has only played 5 games and has a whopping 5 points. At this pace he’ll have 20 points or $380,000 per point.

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