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The Resurgence of Joe Thornton

  • Is anyone else happy they have Joe Thornton in their hockey pool?

    If you have Patrick Marleau are you even happier?

    No one knew exactly what would happen after December 1st, the day Joe Thornton was traded away 3130.71 miles away from Boston into sunny Southern California. Most people believed the Sharks ‘won’ the trade. Acquiring a franchise player and a dominant offensive force.

    In his 7 games since joining the Sharks Thornton has amassed 15 points and perhaps more importantly he has taken some pressure off, and given life to Patrick Marleau whose own game has improved and at least doubled in productivity. Marleau achieved the Offensive Player of the Week in the first week Thornton joined him, scoring 3 points in 3 consecutive games.

    At this pace, Thornton has a strong chance of winning the scoring title this year. Marleau is en route to a possible Top 10 finish and the San Jose Sharks may still save a playoff spot after having a slow underachieving start.

  1. #1 brian ensoll says:
    December 19, 2005 at 11:24 am

    Congrats to Joe..he is the future of what hockey will be, the standard of greatness today and everything hockey was and has been built on…and did i mention a SUPERSTAR! Boston…what were you thinkin? I am a long-time dedicated Toronto Maple Leaf fan(which makes me and several thousands of fans either real tired of working at it or just dumb..but LOYAL) and Joe…we should be so lucky as to have gotten you…We Wish! Good luck with your new career…play your heart out and enjoy the sun(and don’t beat us up too bad)! Boston is a GREAT town, Bruins are a big part of my 50 year hockey memory, Don Cherry is GOD…but Bruins management…you blew it B I G T I M E ! Hope you get to read this. Thanks for your time…Brian…Toronto

  2. I have a feeling Joe Thornton is gonna play a big role for Canada at the Olympics.

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