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The Worst Hair in Hockey

  • Did anyone happen to notice Michal Handzus’ hair last night? How could you not? It pokes out of his helmet at every possible angle. He looks like some kind of wild animal skating around.
    Michal Handzus Hair
    Jaromir Jagr Hair

    The worst hair in hockey award was held onto by Jaromir Jagr for many years but I think we now have a new champion. I can’t even think of another guy in the NHL that is even close.

  1. Who could possibly forget the Al Iafrate comb over; it looked like he had a dead rat on his head.

  2. Ahhh another good one. A little less offensive though since with his helmet on , it wasn’t as noticeable.

  3. Yikes it looks like something died on his head.

  4. #4 superfan says:
    October 27, 2005 at 11:51 am

    I always loved the Jagr mullet, but one of my favorites had to be Chris Simon.

  5. Always loved Barry Melroses hair, Ricci is good too, Old Radek Bonk Hair. Loved Patrick Roys wannabe mullet.

  6. D00d, Handzus has the BEST hair in the NHL. The Michael Bolton/Kenny G look is great! You are just jealous b/c Handzus has great flowing locks and you are probably bald!

  7. Doug Gilmour has the greatest hockey mullet of all time, simply because Jagr and Bonk never had their own shampoo commercial!

    Absolute best mullet ever is Curt Harnett, Canadian Olympic cyclist. He never won gold, but he already had enough flowing luscious gold in those locks. He put 80’s WWF wrestlers to shame…. and he also had his own shampoo commercial.

  8. #8 tony says:
    May 15, 2006 at 12:14 pm

    u guys need sean oconnors team pic from the san diego gulls web site from last year. this guy had the sweetest hair ever. love the site

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