Do you have an elegant landscape for your house? If your answer is yes, you probably have worked so hard to achieve that lawn and landscape. However, what would you feel if your beautiful landscape is destroyed by an invasive insect?  

You want to protect your lawn and landscape as much as possible. If you are concerned about invasive pests in your house, here are a couple of the most problematic insects and how to recognize them. Once you identify the insect, do not hesitate to call a professional lawn service Arlington TX

Scale Insects 

This type of invasive insect is very tiny and can sometimes look as if they’re just sticky stains on the leave’s underside. They can damage the plants since the substance they leave behind while feeding can produce the ideal environment for the growth of mold. 

Pine Borer Beetles 

By laying eggs on the trunk side, pine bark causes damage to pine trees. After they hatch, their larvae burrow inside the bark. They’ll make their way to other parts of the tree. This can lead to the disruption of the vital operation of the tree. This includes the sap flow and much more.  


For those who do not know, the job of an aphid is to extract fluids from the leaves and stem of plants. They do this in order to thrive. Though this process helps their species to survive, it causes major damage. Aside from depleting the nutrients of your plant or trees, they can also spread diseases from one plant to another. Aphids have an oval shape. They’re extremely tiny. In addition to that, they come in a variety of colors. Typically, you will see them with pink, black, green, or white color. 

Japanese Beetles 

This type of invasive insect is one of the most dangerous pests in the world. Though a lot of species of insect target only a couple of plant varieties, the Japanese Beetles targets more than 300 various species of shrubs and ornamental trees. Oftentimes, they can be seen in the summer season. You might not consider them as pests since they are pretty. They have a metallic copper and greed body that sometimes shine in the sun. This makes them easily identifiable.  


Whiteflies, commonly known as plant dandruff, look like extremely tiny whips of white stain. While they might look fragile, they can cause a lot of damage to plants. The reason for this is that their populations quickly increase in warm surroundings. If you live in a region with a warm climate, these whiteflies will be very common. Whiteflies prefer the sun. Just like aphids, they’ll feed on the fluids found inside the stem and leaves. This will deplete the plant eventually of important nutrients. This leads to the death of your plant.  

Keep in mind that these are just some of the most dangerous pests that your lawn might have. If you find at least one of these pests, do not hesitate to contact a professional lawn care company. They’ll get rid of the pests in a safe method.